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Is Delhi Ready To Witness Longest Escalator Of India?

Lot of development work happening in Delhi NCR.

You can say that the streets are clogged right now majorly because of constructions happening all around Delhi NCR. The pain is temporary but we are hoping for a permanent gain.

So many new metro lines are right now in the planning stage while many are at the verge of inaugurating. And that also welcomes some new metro stations as well.

And we are excited to see some new metro lines in Delhi too with new color codes. However, it was reported earlier that DMRC right now is facing some issues with color coding as they have already ran out of primary colors.

The active Delhi Metro lines currently are:

Delhi metro lines

DMRC is aiming to set some new records in India with  the launch of newer metro stations.

We heard that Janakpuri West metro station is going to be installed with India’s longest escalator which will be 15.6 meters in length.

Terminal 2 of Shivaji airport in Mumbai holds the second spot in tallest escalators in India at 11.6 meters in length.

Though, if compared to the tallest escalators across the world, we are nowhere close.

tallest escalators of world

Hong Kong:

Is leading the list with the tallest escalator which stands at 135 meters. It was constructed in 1993. It is also a tourist attraction and there has lot of bars, shops and restaurants lining the escalator.


Park Pobedy holds the second largest escalator in the world. It is around 126 meters long. Russia currently has two longest escalators out of which this is the tallest.

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St. Petersburg:

Third across the world and second tallest in Russia, this metr0 got beaten only by one meter. Located in St. Petersburg in Russia and is 125 meters in length.


This beautiful city holds fourth spot when it comes to tallest escalators. Length of the escalator being 87.1 meters.  Probably the only longest escalator of Czech Republic.

With such huge difference when we compare our tallest escalator with the world, we definitely have to cover a lot of ground so we can also host one of the tallest escalators and create another spot of amazement for tourists.

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