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Here Are The 4 Ways Elachi Can Help You Lose Weight Fast

Summer is already here and I hope you are ready with your summer body. But don’t worry if you are still trying to make your belly flat. As there is a very easy and simple way to lose weight fast.

Elaichi (cardamom) is one of the most common spices in Indian kitchens. You might have already used it in your food and hot tea to make it taste better. People mostly add elaichi in their food because of its aroma.

Elaichi is packed with minerals such as iron, potassium, calcium, and magnesium. It offers several health benefits but many people still do not know that elaichi can also help you lose weight fast.

1. Prevents fat deposition in the abdomen

lose wight fast

Getting rid of belly fat is the hardest part of getting slim. No matter how hard you workout, you still have some excess fat on your belly. Fat accumulation around the belly is quite a common problem.

Luckily, elaichi can help you get rid of it. In research, it was found that melatonin (a compound found in cardamom) can boost the process of fat burning.

You should also know excessive fat on your body can expose you to the risk of heart diseases, so better be slim.

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2. Water retention

lose wight fast

Fat is not the only reason for increasing weight, as water mostly corporate 50-60 per cent of your total body weight. Any extra amount of water in the body is referred to as water weight, which might be making you big.

It’s a good thing, cardamom knows how to deal with water weight. Consume a small amount of elaichi daily and get rid of water weight from the body.

You’d be surprised, getting rid of water weight can make your weight go down by1 to 2 kilograms. Maybe you can get those abs as well.

3. Helps with the bloated feeling

lose wight fast

Proper digestion of the food is necessary for your body to work in its optimum condition. Improper digestion will make the body to store fat, which ultimately increases your weight.

But with the help of cardamom, you can make sure to get rid of bloated feeling. Cardamom is already known for improving gut health, digestion and preventing bloating.

And it will help you loose belly fat with a sweet taste in your mouth. Win-win for you.

4. Controlled sugar craving

lose wight fast

The main problem when you try to lose weight is to control your diet. It becomes even harder when you eat unhealthy food. I understand saying no to pizza is very hard, also you are feeling hungry.

But you won’t start losing weight unless you start taking making sure to eat healthily. Don’t worry, it won’t be tough if you start eating elaichi.

As a study suggests that cardamom helps to control the sugar carving that is making you gain fat.

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In Conclusion:

There are several ways to consume elaichi in your daily life. You don’t have to prepare a particular dish to get the benefits of elaichi. Try cardamom tea, or just eat them raw.

You can even put the seeds into the water overnight, and drink the water the next morning and this will help you lose weight fast.

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