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7 Food Items That You Need To Ignore When Trying To Lose Weight

Weight loss doesn’t come easy.

It demands long term commitment, uninstalling food apps from the phone, and picking up the right products, especially when going grocery shopping.

As a person trying to lose weight, you must be aware of food items that could make your body summer-ready. Also, you are aware about the items that might just stack up undesired calories.

Thus, it all comes down to creating a list of items that you need to ignore when going grocery shopping. Instead, pile up your shopping cart with natural and good- for-your body food items. Here is a list of food items you must ignore if trying to lose weight.

1. Sugary Drinks

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You may feel the urge to sip cola for no reason at all; however, you must know that these sugar-filled drinks are one of the major reasons for obesity. The sugary beverages, despite being high in calories, won’t satisfy you the way solid food will. It would merely inspire you to drink more, only to regret the same in the morning.

Apart from soft drinks, packed fruit juices are also high in calories, thus must be avoided if trying to lose weight.

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2. White Bread

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White bread is the most common breakfast item you will find in most households. However, it must be avoided if you’re trying to shed some pounds. Bread goes through a rigorous refinement process that plummets the nutrients making it fattening.

One must switch to whole grain bread or check the fiber content (an essential part of a weight-loss diet)  before buying it.

3. Don’t get lured By Big Boxes

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It is an established fact that people consume more when they eat from larger packages. Large packets make it seem like there is so much food left inside the box, thus luring you to eat more and gain extra kilos. Don’t fall for such business hacks.

4. Pastries or Cookies and what not

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This is no brainer. Packed pastries, cookies, cakes etc. are churned out of ingredients like added sugar and processed flour which is harmful for your diet program. These alluring foods also contain artificial trans fats, which are very damaging for your body thus must be avoided. A better substitute to pastries or cake craving is dark chocolate.

5. Sweetened yogurt

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It is a common belief that yogurt is a healthful food for weight loss. However, not every yogurt is as healthy as you think. It is recommended to scan the nutrients label before buying one. It is best to avoid sugar or honey-sweetened yogurts. Greek yogurt without added sugar is the best for weight loss.

6. White rice

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White rise consumption is one of the main reasons behind obesity in female adolescents today. Despite being low in fat, white rice contains minimal fiber and protein and can boost blood sugar build up in a person due to the presence of glycemic. Shop for Brown rice, quinoa, and cauliflower rice for healthful alternatives.

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7. Some types of Alcohol (Beer)

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Alcohol, especially beer, goes well with binge-watching but can also add to your body woes. Balanced alcohol drinking is fine but heavy drinking is associated with increased weight gain. Consider skipping or cutting off alcohol completely for better weight loss results.

To conclude

Committing to a rigorous diet is necessary if you are trying to shed those etc. kilos. It is feeble of you to maintain a diet plan if you don’t take care of what is going in your body. Eat what is fresh, recommended, exercise often and you are all set for a perfect beach body. 

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