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This Is How Long You Need To Sleep Every Night, To Start Losing Weight

When it comes to weight loss, regular exercise and healthy eating habits seem to be the best way to go. Isn’t it? Though, in reality, there are so many other factors that can regulate your body weight.

Just like regular exercise and healthy eating habits, there is something else that is absolutely necessary to lose weight. People often ignore it and that’s why they face trouble in losing weight.

And that important thing is sleep. Yes, your sleep helps you to lose weight. Not just me but the Centre for Health and Human Performance also conclude that one of the biggest mistakes people make on their way to lose weight is not getting enough sleep.

But how it works?

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The National Sleep Foundation has published a number of researches and studies of the effect of sleep on our brain and body. One of such findings suggests that our body repairs itself by releasing growth hormones when we are sleeping. These hormones induce the muscles, protein synthesis and fat breakdown process called lipolysis.

As the growth hormones are responsible for the recovery of your body. Not getting enough sleep can cut down the whole process of body repairs cut down short. There are researches that show, lack of sleep can cause obesity.

Getting enough sleeping hours every night is important. It won’t just only help your body to recover better and make you feel fresh in the morning. But it’ll also help you to lose some weight efficiently. A seven to nine hours everyday sleep is recommended to everyone.

In Conclusion:

According to the National Sleep Foundation, adults sleep for seven to nine hours every night. This will reduce the chances of obesity and helps their body to recover faster and better.

Losing weight was never so easy, all you have to do is sleep and that’s it. But you can always do regular exercise and pay attention to your diet. This will increase the rate of losing weight (if you want to lose weight fast).

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