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Having Crush On Someone? Here Are Some Weird Things That You Do When Love Struck By Someone

Having a crush when you are a teenager is normal. You often find yourself love-struck by that someone special during those tender years. In fact, some say that if you’ve never ever had feelings for someone you are not normal. Lol!

When you fall for someone you feel shy, you grin, you secretly check them out and the list goes on.

And then something, you never imagined happens out of the blue, when you find him/her right in front of you. That’s the moment when you feel out of the world. You act weird, blush till you look like a ripe tomato, behave clumsily and blabber in all the nervousness of being near them.

Indeed, these hard to explain feelings tickle your insides and a special kind of happiness overwhelm your heart. If you have been through this stage ever, then you might relate to this.

Here are some weird things you experience when you are struck by the lightning bolt called LOVE:

1. Slip of tongue

rihanna confused

No matter how good you are with words, if you happen to come across your crush, you freeze in that moment. Lol!

Well, whatever you were saying with confidence, becomes a complete nonsense. And because you are nervous as hell, you have a slip of tongue, like a million times in one second.

2. Dis-coordination between your mind and body

joey weird

How crazy is that! When catching glimpses of your crush you unknowingly pick up your friend’s bag instead of yours. This happens when you have mixed feelings. That means you are all excited to look at your crush, but you fear they would realize you are checking them out.

3. Stalk him/her on social media

weird smile at laptop

Everyone is doing that nowadays. But for the love-sick people, what better than looking at the pics of the one you have got a crush on. You stalk them stealthily on their social media handles and apparently become a professional stalker with daily practice.

Moreover, now that you know where they are, you can make your plans of pretending to bump into them wherever they go. *wink*

4. Practicing in front of the mirror

woman reassuring in mirror

Besides beautifying yourself in front of the mirror, you also practice the conversation you will have with your crush when you meet them.

And here comes the hilarious part! You are doing perfectly well in front of the mirror but somehow it turns into an inaudible chatter when you are facing them.

5. Writing yours and his/her name on the last page of the notebook

writing on notebook gif

Ring a bell? Pouring out all the knowledge of creative handwriting you possess into the page while writing names on the back cover of the notebook and adding a heart between the two is what we do when we secretly fall for someone.

Besides that, the poor college desk is left with no space.

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6. Start loving things you used to dislike

blabbering woman

You try to develop a liking for all those things that you hated normally. Just because you found out that your crush likes it. For instance, Karele ka juice. Well, a bit extreme, but who cares as long as they like it. Right?

7. Photoshopping your pictures with your crush

woman enjoying on laptop

Technology has given us so many gifts, and this sounds like the best of it all. The latest trend to paste yourself with your crush.

You only need to have knowledge of one of those photoshop softwares and voila! You are smiling happily stuck at the side of your crush in your dream pic. Even if it is not real, it gives you a huge heart palpitation.

8. Always wearing his/her favorite color

woman walking weird

The color itself doesn’t matter here, what matters is their “favorite color”. Even if it looks horrible on you, you wouldn’t change it for the world. Right?

Imagine a guy who has lots of bright pink tees just because his crush likes pink. Horrible! Something is seriously wrong with that image.

9. Fantasize your crush in dreams


Ok! Now, this makes sense. Many people like to be in the fantasy world. In fact, fantasizing about someone you love is perfectly okay, but day-dreaming and forgetting everything else, that’s goes to be a bit extreme.

10. Staring at your crush secretly through the window pane

stalking gif

Raise your hands if you have done this! Lol!

Your heart skips a beat the moment you lay eyes upon your crush. And looking through a window or half-opened door is something quite enjoyable. The satisfaction of being able to watch them, without their knowledge is an enjoyment of another level.

Well,  all you young girls and guys out there, now you know it is not just you, but it is the love-bug that has bitten you. And here’s an advice. Don’t get nervous, just go ahead and tell them your feelings. Who knows? This is what they might be waiting for.


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