Loyal Dog Waits For 4 Days For His Owner At The Same Spot Where He Committed Suicide

Many people come and go in your life and so does their love for you. But, historically, it’s a dog’s love for his owner that has forever stayed.

In one similar incident, a loyal dog, proving his loyalty over and over again, waited for his owner to return on a bridge in China for four days after watching his owner commit suicide. According to local reports, the dog was sitting on the pavement of Yangtze Bridge in Wuhan, where its owner reportedly took their life

The person who clicked the pictures of the dog intended to adopt him but as he approached him he ran away.

Du Fan, director of Wuhan Small Animal Protection Association started tracing the dog after the person who wanted to adopt the dog informed him that he ran away.

Source – Peer Video

The witness told the Mr Du Fan that the dog followed his owner on May 30 and had since denied moving after he committed suicide. However, when they approached him, it ran away in fear. Mr. Dan has asked people to let him know if anyone had seen the dog.

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Another Tale

In one similar incident, a dog named Xiao Bao, waited at a hospital for three months after his owner died of COVID-19 back in February.

Source – Asia Wire

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A shopkeeper named Wu Cuifen said, “They told me, Xiao Bao’s owner, a pensioner, was admitted with the coronavirus. Then he passed away, but Xiao Bao didn’t know and just stayed in the hospital looking for him.”

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