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LPG Price Hike, Now Cooking Gas Will Cost You Rs.250 More

LPG Cylinder To Cost Over Rs.250 From Today

Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) cylinders will now cost you Rs.250 more from April 1. As the gas has become costlier, the price of a 19 Kg gas cylinder now rests at Rs.2253 in Delhi. The price of 19 Kg gas cylinders has been hiked by Rs.346 per cylinder in the last two months.

Previously on March 1, the price of a 19 Kg commercial cylinder was increased by Rs.105 and later on March 22, the prices were eased by Rs.9. And now with the recent update, LPG has become very costlier, but there is little comfort for the middle class since the prices of commercial cylinders have risen and not for domestic.

LPG Cylinder To Cost Over Rs.250 From Today

Rise In Fuel Rates

After five state assembly elections, the prices of fossil fuels such as petrol, diesel and LPG have increased drastically. And the further rise in these fuel rates is expected, as the prices are affected by the international market. Since October 6, 2021, the price of domestic LPG cylinders was stable, till, on March 22, the prices went up by Rs.50.

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Prices of Domestic LPG Cylinders As On Today.

  • In Delhi- Rs.949.50
  • For Kolkata- Rs.976
  • For Mumbai- Rs.949.50
  • In Chennai- Rs.965.50

Prices Applicable For A 19 KG Gas Cylinder From Today

  • A person has to pay Rs.2,012 to buy a 19 Kg gas cylinder in Delhi on March 1. But the prices were reduced to Rs.2,003 on March 22 and from today you will have to pay Rs.2,253.
  • Kolkata citizens will have to pay Rs.2,251 to buy a 19 Kg gas cylinder from the previous price of Rs.2,0187.
  • In Mumbai, commercial gas cylinders of 19 Kg will cost Rs.2,205 instead of Rs.1,955.
  • As for Chennai the prices went up and settled at Rs.2,406 instead of Rs.2,138 for a 19 Kg gas cylinder.

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