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LPG Price Hikes Again, Check How Much You Need To Pay

Cooking gas will now empty our pockets even more, on Thursday LPG price raised again, this is the second hike in this month by ₹3.50. Now the LPG price has crossed the ₹1,000 mark across the National as per news agency PTI reported.

The First LPG Hike

Let’s Check How Much You Need To Pay For A Domestic LPG Cylinder

From today onwards the domestic 14.2 KG cylinder will cost ₹1003 in Delhi and Mumbai, in Kolkata ₹1,029 and Chennai ₹1,018.5.

Price for Domestic LPG Cylinder from May 19 after hike

The First LPG Price Hike

Earlier on May 7, the LPG prices were hiked by ₹50, because of which cooking gas prices crossed the ₹1,000 mark in several major cities excluding Delhi. But now with the recent second hike, even National Capital is affected. As per the reports, in Delhi, if we track and compare the LPG prices from last year to the present date, the price has reached the high of ₹1,003 from the lower level of ₹809.

Commercial Cylinders Are Too Expensive Now

₹2,354 is the new price of a 19KG LPG cylinder in Delhi after the hike, ₹2,306 in Mumbai, 2,454 in Kolkata, and ₹2,507 in Chennai. Plus, at the start of this month the prices of an LPG cylinders, the type which are used by hotels and restaurants, also increased. After a hike on May 1, the price of a 19 KG cylinder was raised by ₹102.50 to 2,355.50.

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7.8 Percent Inflation Rate In April

As the Consumer Price Index-based retail inflation moved up to 7.8 per cent, the series of hikes for LPG cylinders started. The level of this inflation hike is the highest since the “National Democratic Alliance (NDA) government” led by Narendra Modi came to power in May 2014. Another major reason for these hikes is international disputes and a hike in fuel prices in the international market that has led to higher transportation costs.

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