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12 Lucky Food For New Year You Should Definitely Eat

Do you believe in myths and legends?

Old traditions and beliefs that talk about weird practices that most of us won’t understand today. But the point is, a few of them are doable and guarantee luck. So, why not, right?

According to ancient tales, there are a few food items you can eat to make your coming yer lucky. Yeah, all you need to do is eat these –

1. Round Cake

lucky food for new year

Who doesn’t like cake? Mostly everyone does. And according to folklore, it is believed that just like the round cake, life goes around and has no end. Which is why it is believed that if you eat cake on New year’s day, it will bring in good luck.

2. Cornbread

lucky food for new year

Corn is golden in color and hence, it is believed to symbolize gold. So, if you want to bring in wealth and prosperity in your life with the new year, Cornbread is your go-to food. Add honey, butter and corn kernels for that extra luck. if you feel like.

3. Fish

lucky food for new year

If you are a seafood lover, you will already like the idea of eating fish for luck. And if not, let me tell you why is it considered as a lucky food for New year. Fish scales resemble coins and hence is associated with good fortune. So, if you want wealth, eat fish.

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4. Noodles

lucky food for new year

Chinese love noodles and believe that the long length signifies long life. So, if you want a long life full of health and strength, have noddles of your choice this New year. Just don’t let the noodle break when you eat it, try to suck it in at one go.

5. Red Grapes

lucky food for new year

Naturally rich in antioxidants, grapes also bring in good luck. According to an old belief, if you eat 12 grapes at 12 on new year’s, you will have 12 great months ahead. Avoid the sour ones because that will ruin that specific month for you.

6. Black-eyed Peas

lucky food for new year

It is believed that black-eyed peas reselmbes tiny coins. Eating this on New Year’s will bring you prosperity and wealth along with good luck. And there is no doubt that the dish made out of black-eyed peas tastes as good as it looks.

7. Lentils

lucky food for new year

This lucky food for new year finds its origins to Italy. People there believe that eating lentils on the first day of the year guarantees to bring you good luck and wealth as the lentils swell up when cooked. Just like wealth that your wealth too will increase.

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8. Pork

lucky food for new year

Pork lovers, good news for you. It is believed that your life too will move positively forward if you eat pig. Just like a pig uses his snout to move in a forward direction, you will too. Just roast it nicely and eat the snout if you really really want the effect.

9. Pomegranate

lucky food for new year

This magical fruit is associated with fertility. Naturally, if you eat it one the first day of a new year, it is supposed to bring fertility, health, and prosperity in your life along with an ample amount of good luck. It also symbolizes life and abundance.

10. Rice

lucky food for new year

As per Indian Mythology, rice grains soak up all evil vibrations and bad omens from your life. Additionally, it fills your lives with good luck. Therefore, you should eat rice grains on New year’s to make sure that you attract a lot of good luck in the coming year.

11. Nuts

lucky food for new year

Nuts symbolize new life and so it is considered as a lucky food for New year. You can eat it and gift it to your family and friends to even bless them with good luck. Put it in cakes or eat it in a handful, this food will give you energy and luck aside by side.

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12. Oranges

lucky food for new year

According to Chinese tradition, golden fruits such as oranges represent health. It is believed that if you eat this lucky food for New year, your life will be full of happiness and luck will favor you wherever you go. It tastes yummy too and you can even use it in a cake.

In Conclusion:

I don’t think getting lucky was ever this easy. All you need to do is pick your favorite from the list and eat it. As a matter of fact, I am sure you will have at least one favorite from my list. And if not, it’s the perfect time for you to choose the food you love the most.

My favorite is noodles, what about you? 

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