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10 Lucky Plants That Will Bring Prosperity In 2019

Do you believe in good luck charms? Are you superstitious? I hope you are not, but I can bet you believe in positivity.

After all, by maintaining a positive environment around yourself is how you reached almost to the end of 2018, right?

But now it’s time to welcome the new year. You must be excited, though, in order to make 2019 a successful year, you have to become more positive and what’s more positive than plants.

That’s why there are the 10 lucky plants that will help you spread positivity around you and make your 2019 prosperous.

1. Peace Lily

lucky plants

Making your surrounding happy by cleaning the air around you, this dark green plant with white flower is more than just a beautiful desk accessory. It’s also a lucky plant.

2. Rose

lucky plants

One of the most cliched plants that actually helps in making you feel good in reality. Depending on the color and its benefits you can choose the one you like.

3. Orchids

lucky plants

In ancient Greek, orchids were associated with fertility and virility. Though, in today’s modern world this pretty plant is believed to attract love and peace.

4. Cactus

lucky plants

Blooming cactus brings good luck. According to the Chinese, if a cactus blooms a flower, the owner is going to hear some good news pretty soon, almost immediately.

5. Jasmine

lucky plants

Many believe Jasmine brings love, money, and prosperity along with its beautiful smell. It also helps to keep your romance alive, offering relationship aids.

6. Tulsi

lucky plants

Having both the scientific and mythological significance, Tulsi is a very common plant in Indian houses as it is considered to keep the negative energy away from its surrounding.

7. Money Plant

lucky plants

It is a traditional new years gift in China. This is one of those lucky plants, that repel negative energy from its surrounding to make space for the positive energy.

8. Rosemary

lucky plants

Keeping rosemary plant on your desk will help you attract love and soothe your soul. Not just this but it also helps to encourage lust, so you can have a good time in bed.

9. Jade

lucky plants

One of the lucky plants which bring good luck and wealth. It’s round leaves symbolize wealth and prosperity. It is one of the best gifts to give someone who starts a new business.

10. Marijuana

lucky plants

I know, its illegal but those who have tried it, know this is the best plant to bring positive vibes. Not just this, but it also helps treat several medical conditions.

Don’t tell anyone, but this is my favorite plant.

In Conclusion:

First of all cheers to everyone, on making it to the end of the year 2018. It was hard, negativity and cruelty were everywhere, but you have made it, so congrats on that.

Now, let’s prepare to welcome the new year. As our world is lacking positivity with everyone following their negative thoughts, maybe planting at least one of these plant in your home or at your office will let become successful and also make this world a little happy.

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