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Lyrid Meteor Shower Or Shooting Stars To Lit Up The Sky This Week, Here’s How You Can Watch

With literally nothing left to do, watching a meteor shower can be the one thing you can do. And that sounds interesting, right?

Well, the interesting is happening. Happens to be, the Lyrid meteor shower, which is an annual phenomenon, has marked its commencement last Thursday, April 16. The same will remain active for 10 days with Wednesday the 22 being the peak day.

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According to the Griffith Observatory, stargazers can watch the peak night between late Tuesday and Wednesday morning. And it becomes interesting as the peak period aligns with World Earth Day.

During the peak of the same, people can get to see as many as 10-15 shooting stars every hour. The event is complemented by the absence of the moon making the phenomenon more clear and aesthetic to watch.

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The American Meteor Society explained on the website, “These meteors are best seen from the Northern Hemisphere where the radiant is high in the sky at dawn. Activity from this shower can be seen from the Southern Hemisphere, but at a lower rate”.

The Lyrid meteor show, as per NASA, will begin at 10.30pm at their local time on April 21 (8 am IST on April 22).

To watch the same, you need to get away from the city lights and observe the sky desperately and you will be overwhelmed with something really amazing.

Scientifically, the event occurs when comet Thatcher losses parts of its as debris and earth passes by the comet. The debris then appears as shooting stars.

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