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Know Which MAC Lipstick You Should Be Rocking In 2019

What’s your color choice when it comes to wearing lipstick?

Do you like nude shades? Or do you prefer wearing that bloody red and wine-red on your lips to make them look even more succulent? Well, if you are a lover of RED, 2019 is a going to be an epic year for you.

This year it will all be about red and a few nude shades here and there. But majorly, it’s going to be a bloody year. Check the shades you are going to pout in throughout 2019-

1. Coat em with powder


This year powder coated lips will be rocking Instagram and the red carpet alike. The soft feel of the lipstick will settle down on your lips like magic. Trust me, no regular lipstick can give you the finish that these beauties can. You can choose from a variety of Powder kiss lipsticks. But if you ask my favorite, its gonna be ‘MAC’s Lasting Passion‘.

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2. Nude Metallica

mac lipstick 2019

Oh, did I say that 2019 is all about reds? Well, kind of. But there is one nude shade you would want to put your hands on. And it’s not nude, it’s a metallic nude. It could be a natural lip tone with a deeper pigmentation. Or it could come in a slightly more intense color than the natural lip color. My pick for MAC lipstick is – ‘See Sheer’.

3. Bold Infrared

red mac lipstick

Ladies, your love for red will be satiated this year. Go for the bold infrared and all you need to put on is that black dress. This lip color will rock the runway models along with a smoky eye-do. Play with your hair and rock them reds. You can choose ‘MAC’s Ruby Roo’.

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4. Coral Red

red mac lipstick

Are you ready o be the Lady Danger? This lip shade is for the ladies who don’t follow the stereotype. If you are confident you can rock any look, here’s the golden chance. throughout 2019, coral reds will be in trend. Go grab your MAC lipstick- ‘Lady Danger’.

In Conclusion:

There is no doubt that lipsticks are a major part of the fashion trend and every year the trend changes. The new year has already started the fashion wheel and brought back the fashion trends of the ’80s. So, go grab the shades before there is a waiting list on the availability.

Which MAC lipstick will you try first? 

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