Peru Govt. Reopened Machu Picchu For This Single Tourist, Here’s Why

Machu Picchu tucked somewhere in Peru in South America is one of the most beautiful architectural marvels left behind by the Inca empire. The ruins of the 16th century Inca empire are visited by lakhs of people each year and 2020 would have been no different had coronavirus not been a thing.

Source – The Guardian

Sadly, the travelers who had pre-booked a ticket to visit the ruins of Machu Picchu had to postpone their plans for some other time.

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And one of these excited travelers was Jesse Takayama from Japan. Notably, the man had gone to Peru to sightsee the ruins but owing to lockdown, he had been stranded in the town of Aguas Calientes near the site since March.

Source – Goole Earth

Minister of Culture, Alejandro Neyra, of Peru on Monday, took notice of the situation when Jesse proposed a request to see the ruins. The Minister acknowledged his wish and let him enter the historic place.

“He had come to Peru with the dream of being able to enter,” Neyra said in a virtual press conference. “The Japanese citizen has entered together with our head of the park so that he can do this before returning to his country.”

Notably, the man got to visit the citadel build more than 500 years ago. He also became the first person to visit one of the seven wonders of the world after seven months. Here are more alluring pictures of Machu Picchu that will inspire you to book a ticket to the ruins.

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Machu Picchu was carved by Inca natives in Peru. They were exceptional builders and had built cities in the lower region of Peru too. However, those cities were destroyed by the Spanish who found their way to South America somewhere around 1526 to colonise it. Thankfully, the Spanish never found Machu Picchu and thus it has survived to bless our eyes.

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