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Get Rid Of These 5 Things If You Are Wondering How To Make More Closet Space

I know cleaning your room can be a herculean task. Even though you have wasted hours making sure that everything looks good, it’s still a little messy. There is stuff on your table that needs to be inside your drawer or closet.

But all your drawers are already filled till the top and there is no way you can put anything inside. You must be wondering how to make more closet space, right?

But have you got rid of the things that you don’t need anymore? Think again because you are still keeping things that you don’t actually use. Get rid off these 5 things if you want to know how to make more closet space-

1. Seasoning and ketchup packets

How To Make More Closet Space

Although everyone has become conscious of their health and tries to avoid unhealthy food as much as possible. Still, I can bet most of us have a drawer filled with those unused packets of seasonings and ketchup. You must have kept them with you to enjoy it with your next meal, but it’s been more than months and that next dish never arrived.

Don’t mind me, but that dish is never going to arrive. So, it is best to throw all the unused condiment packets after two weeks. Otherwise, you’ll just wonder why there is no space in your drawers.

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2. Single sock

How To Make More Closet Space

If you live alone, every now and then you must find an unmatched sock inside your wardrobe. Now if you don’t have any DIY idea on how to use that single sock the only thing you can do is just get rid off it.

By keeping them folded inside your wardrobe all that you are doing is wasting space that you can use to keep other stuff. You can us the space to make your room less messy. Get rid of them and you’ll know how to make more closet space.

3. Plastic disposal cutlery

How To Make More Closet Space

Just like packets of ketchup, these plastic cutlery comes with all your orders even though you don’t require them. Instead of throwing them you start storing them in your kitchen cabinet because you think you are going to use them in the future.

You might use them when you are traveling. But when you are at home they are only going to stay inside your drawer. You should stop using them and start getting rid of them as they are not just wasting your space but also hazardous to your health.

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4. Empty botels of Gatorade

How To Make More Closet Space

Bottles of energy drink and soft drinks might look attractive to you, that’s why you are still collecting all those bottles. Though, you shouldn’t store them for a long period of time because they are made with the low-grade reusable plastic.

Using them to store water for a long time might cause harm to your health as plastic is hazardous to your health. Also, you should never use these bottles to store water as they can become the reason of you drinking micro-plastics along with regular water.

5. Old Medicines

How To Make More Closet Space

Everyone has a first-aid box at their home that might not have any bandage on it but there is a number of medicine strips. Mind you, these are the medicines that you don’t need more or the ones that are almost expired. Mind you, if you have kids in your house, it becomes a deadly weapon.

Just because these medicines come with a long expiry date, we usually forget if they are still good enough to use or are they expired. Make sure not to consume those old medicines accidentally and get rid of them immediately.

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In Conclusion:

Sometimes while focusing on the bigger mess people forget about the little things that are actually making a mess. Get rid of these things and save space in the closet so that your house will look less messy.

Thank me later, because now you know how to make more closet space-, don’t you?

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