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Man Enters ATM To Spread Disinfectant Comes Out With ‘Stealing Away’ Around 8 Lakh Rupees

Be it pandemic or no pandemic theifs find a way to do their job in any circumstance. And one such case is this were the man got the job done in the pretext of spraying disinfectant. The incident took place yesterday and has come to light from Chennai.

An unidentified man entered the ATM to spread disinfectant and rob away Rs 8.2 lakh. Since the government these days is sending sanitary workers to disinfect public places to ward off the coronavirus this man took advantage of that. He entered the ATM with a spray tube pretending to be a sanitary worker to avoid any kind of risk of being caught.


The man came in an autorickshaw with a bag and a spray tube and convinced the security guard of ATM that he is there for spraying disinfectant on the ATM and the cabin. “He went inside while the security guard stepped out and stood watching at a distance. Meanwhile, a customer who entered the kiosk noticed the suspect entering the password on the currency chest and mistook him to be an employee of the bank. The customer then came out and waited“, said the police.

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The man came out with the bag and rushed to the waiting autorickshaw within 10 minutes of entering. This hinted something foul and the customer and the security guard tried to catch the man but he fleed away. The Police has registered a case and detained six men who were engaged in filling cash at ATMs. An insider is believed to be involved as the thief unlocked the chest with the key and correct password.

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