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Guys, The Next Time You Try To Have Fun On Beach, Make Sure Your Genitals Are Protected

Swimming in the open ocean. Ah, what a marvelous feeling!

You must be thinking that a sea free of sharks would be a paradise for swimmers, but what if I tell you that it is as dangerous as swimming in a pool of hooks?

Scared? Well, this Chinese man, who was swimming and having his time in the ocean never thought that something so painful would happen. This unusual incident took place in the Hainan resort city of Sanya. The guy who went for a casual swimming in shorts returned with something attached to his shorts. And it was super painful, just so you know.

stingray bites man's genitals

What did he bring along with his shorts?

Apparently, he got stung by a marine creature- Stingray, which is known for its barbed tail. While swimming, the Stingray encountered the swimmer and considered him a threat. Before he could react or try to get away from the fish, the creature reacted with his self-defense technique.

stingray bites man's genitals

How did this excruciating incident happen?

The Ray launched its long tail which has a sharp hook at the end and the inevitable happened. It straight up went and locked itself in the genitals of the swimmer. The shorts that he wore did not give him any help as it was easily pierced by the sharp hook.

stingray bites man's genitals

He managed to drag himself out of the ocean and onto the beach. The surrounding people immediately saw the horrific sight as the man lay down on the beach. All the while, the stingray was seen lying next to him with its tail going inside the man’s shorts. The man undoubtedly was experiencing a lot of pain. (which was quite obvious)

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What happened next?

The nearby crowd immediately called the paramedic’s team. They arrived at the beach and attended to the man’s miserable condition. they first cut off the tail of the fish and transferred the man to the stretcher.

stingray bites man's genitals

However, as they were not fully equipped to remove the tail from the man’s genitals, they carried him to the nearest hospital for further treatment.

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Take a look at the video and see for yourself-

The present condition?

According to the hospital staff, the man appears to be normal after the treatment. The hooked tail is removed and he is kept under general observation.

Keep in mind

Stingrays are bottom dwellers. They are precocious hunters and sting anything that threatens them, but only in self-defense. The only way you can keep yourself safe when swimming with these creatures is by staying as far away as possible. The moment they feel threatened they can sting you with their venomous tail. And trust me, you don’t want to experience the pain. Moreover, remain vigilant underwater and make quick decisions to save yourself from this agony.

In Conclusion:

This bizarre incident is just another reminder that when you swim in the vast blue, you are in the territory of marine animals. So, the next time you plan to swim, be prepared and extra cautious because you never know what’s hiding under the sand.

Psst- And for guys, you better wear a groin guard. Just saying! 

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