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London Subway Terrorized By A Man Who Pushes People Into Train Tracks (Viral Video)

London subway has become a dangerous place for travelers.

Ever since the video of a man pushing random strangers onto the train tracks has surfaced on the social media platforms, people are scared to travel.

There are two chilling videos of the man who is pushing people straight into the tracks as the train is about to arrive. Apparently, both the incidents took place in the month of April and were equally distressing.

The first incident:

In the first video, 91-year-old Sir Robert Malpas who is a former Euro-tunnel executive was shoved on to the tracks by the man at the Marble Arch Station. He suffered major injuries that included a fractured pelvis and a deep cut to the head that required 12 stitches.

man pushed on tracks london

Fortunately, he was saved heroically moments before the train arrived on the track by a fellow traveler. Riyad El Hussani, without thinking about his life, leaped from the platform to save him. It was just one -minute until the next train arrived.

He suffered hand burns because of touching the electrocuted tracks but still managed to pull Sir Robert back on the platform. He was then taken to the hospital where he received medical attention.

The second incident:

On the same day, Tobias French miraculously survived the push and didn’t lose his balance. French was pushed the same way Sir Robert was, but he was a tad bit luckier. He stayed on the platform instead of falling right in front of the approaching train.

man pushed on tracks london

He turned around and attacked the person who pushed him along with the people around him. Soon, the police intervened and took the matters in their hands.

Watch the video here:

Who was the attacker?

The man was identified as 46-year-old Paul Crossley of Leyton High Road, East London.

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He was found guilty of two charges of attempted murder in a hearing at the Central Criminal Court in London. On further investigation, they came to know that Crossley is suffering from schizophrenia since the age of 17. He will be sentenced on November 9, 2018, after a psychiatric report is prepared.

Message for all:

The only message we can take home from this incident is never stand too close to the railway tracks. Especially in a populated country like India, where people are always in a rush and in that urgency stand too close to the platform (to enter first for a better chance at resting their asses), please be more careful. For you may unwillingly rest your ass at a railway track as opposed to be in a railway coach.

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