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Man Shares Reasons Why His Wife Is Mad At Him & Every Couple Would Relate To These

Couples have a penchant for getting mad at each other for no reason at all. And it’s literally all of us. Though all these little flights could be endearing enough, however, then there are times that one gets mad at the other person for a stupid reason.

And this man has some of those reasons to share with us. And trust me, most of you would find them very relatable.

Santiago Gonzalez, from US’ San Diego, has put together a list of things his wife Mikayla wasn’t pleased about. He then put them all together to create a hysterical video and posted it on TikTok, LADbible reported

Credit: Mikayla Gonzalez

In the list, you will find some of the most unreasonable reasons to get mad. Some of the things Santiago’s wife was annoyed at include the fact that her husband had eaten at nice restaurants before they met, an older lady called him handsome at the shop and a few that involve seemingly harmless interactions with other women.

Another thing that Mikayla thinks she has the authority to get mad about is Santiago’s ex calling him but in Mikalya’s dream. A common among couples and rather reasonable one, which Santiago read out was: “When I got my food I didn’t immediately offer her a bite.”

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Mikayla also showed his discomfort on the fact that his husband went to Disneyland with his mother when he was three and didn’t take her.

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“My wife thinks they’re funny! She knows that over-exaggerating on a lot of those, but finds truths to them which makes her laugh! “I think the most ridiculous and funniest reason has been either when I didn’t adopt our dog when he was born or when I don’t want to get under the blanket with her because it’s too hot!”, Santiago was quoted telling LADbible. 

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