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Here’s Why The Man In the Viral Video Slapped The Other Women

What comes to your mind when you think of a marriage?

Well decorated venue, lots of guests, finger-licking food, rituals and other ceremonies happening simultaneously amidst the hustle-bustle. But that’s what we call side-dishes, the real feast to the eyes is when the bride and groom exchange “Varmaala”.

If you just assume for a moment that a marriage is a rock concert, ‘Varmaala’ is the moment when the crowd goes crazy and lose control. Fair enough?

You are well aware of the trend to lift the bride and groom on the stage while ‘Varmaala’ is happening. And you must have witnessed the fallbacks of this over-enthusiastic stunt. You know what I mean. (lol)

But that just happens, right?

Sometimes the relatives and close friends take up the herculean task to do the heavy-lifting, and sometimes hydraulics, JCB’s, Helicopters and what not are called to support their weight.

But, what if the bride and groom aren’t in the favor of being lifted off from the ground during the ceremony.

This video of bride slapping the person who lifted her off went viral. (for all the right reasons) If you haven’t watched it yet, have a look-

Here is what we think would have happened.

During this initial scene of this wedding drama, everything seems to be fine in the beginning.

The bride and groom are on the stage, blushing and a little hesitant about who should be the first to begin the ceremony. Someone is trying to point the bride’s face towards the camera to get a better memory of the ritual.

The crowd is all excited and ready to go bonkers.

On the other hand, the groom is trying to negotiate with his mighty friend that he should spare the idea to lift him. His friend returns him a grin along with a ‘phuk off’ and he ends up being lifted.

The ceremony takes place in almost an instant and while our bride is in the air, something pisses her off. She tries to turn around and smash the guy’s face.

God knows if it was because the guy messed up her dress or her hair, or she was touched inappropriately. Or it was just that she did not want to be lifted at all.  Whatsoever be the case, she lands back at her feet, she turns and slaps the guy hard. And, no, it wasn’t a playful slap. It was a full-on “Kantaap” as you may call it.

To our observation from the scene,

We think the lady at the back(who got slapped later) would have suggested the guy standing next to her to lift her up.  And in return, he excitedly goes behind the bride and follows the ritual.

The bride couldn’t take that and tries to slap the fellow even before landing, but only gets successful after her feet touch the ground.

A shockwave hits the crowd. The lady on the left quickly realizes the gravity of the situation and her expression changes to, “Dayum, what the phuk juust happened”.

The guy, confused, shocked and most of all embarrassed to the core was still trying to digest what happened.

Thus, being punished by the bride, he punishes the provoker by slapping her in return and jolts off the stage with his broken respect.

So, in a nutshell, we think the reason for that other woman getting a slap was herself. If she hadn’t excitedly suggested the guy to pick her up, the ceremony would have been controlled with the echo of just one slap.

Only if   -_-

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