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Video Went Viral: Man Survives Train Accident After Train Passes Over Him

A man was captured in a viral video who defeated death by lying on tracks while train passed over him.

The man is still undefined but the local who was at the station during the incident captured the video of this man in his phone. After reaching social media the video went viral in no time. This death defeating incident happened at Anantapur railway station in Andhra Pradesh on Sunday.

What Happened?

A middle-aged man was crossing the track to avoid a long distance walk  from foot-over-bridge.

man survive train accident

A 23-bogie train was at the station when he decided to cross the tracks. But as soon as the man went under the train to cross it, the train started to move and ultimately picked up the pace.

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The guy was clever and slept flat under the track to let go off the train. He was lying there for almost 50 seconds, and after the train went past him, he got up, picked up his slippers and climbed up the platform.

man survive train accident

Certainly, it was a stupid thing that might have got him killed. Officials said that the man could have survived only because it was a goods train. If it was a passenger train he could have died from suffocation, that is created by the water coming from the toilet inside of the train.

People at the platform were astonished after seeing this man beat his death. Police didn’t register any complaint as they didn’t have any information about the incident and the officials didn’t feel any offence in the man’s deed.

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In conclusion

Safety rules are there for some reason, crossing railway tracks is not a really good idea. If you think, crossing tracks isn’t a big deal, hope you have plenty of good luck otherwise only god knows what’ll happen.

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Don’t risk your life just to save a few minutes, it is not worth anything if your life ends there.

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