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Man Takes 11 Covid-19 Vaccine Shots: Officials At Shock

Recently 84 year old man from Madhepura district Bihar has claimed that he has taken 11 shots of Covid-19 vaccine. State Health Department has launched an enquiry against the matter.

Brahmadeo Mandal was caught by officials when he was going to take 12th shot of vaccine at local health centre.

Mandal was able to do this by providing different identity cards and mobile numbers of relatives and friends to health care officials.

The man said that vaccine is an amazing thing and every time he took the jab he felt better and better. He is a retired employee of Department of Post. He took one shot every month from February to August. In September he took three shots of Covid-19 vaccine.

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He said that he used his Aadhar card and mobile number to get 8 shots. After that he used his Voter ID and his wife’s number to get three more shots.

Dr Amrendra Pratap Shahi, civil surgeon at Madhepura District Hospital has said, “I have already ordered in inquiry to find out the truth. The probe will find out how the man in question managed to get so many shots of Covid vaccines.”

This is not the first time that an strange incident around Covid-19 vaccine has been reported. Earlier people were refusing to take shots of vaccine and government worked hard to clear their dilemma. In the past cases of fake vaccination certificates have also been recorded by media.

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