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Licking Nose Is Outdated, This Man Touches His Forehead With His Tongue. Watch The Viral Video Here

Do you think, touching your nose with your tongue is hard? Well, if you think it is tough, you’ll definitely be astonished when you see the viral video of a Nepali man.

Recently a video went viral, in which a 35-year-old man from Nepal, shocked everyone. Just so you know, this man touches his forehead with his tongue.

Sounds interesting right?

What is it all about?

man touches his forehead with his tongue

Yagya Bahadur Katuwal, a 35 years old man from Nepal claims that his tongue is the longest in the world. And he can do some pretty amazing things with it. Like seriously!

See, how easily this man touches his forehead with his tongue.

man touches his forehead with his tongue

People like to do weird things to put their names inside the Guinness book of world records. Just like this, by doing this bizarre act Katuwal also wants to make a world record.

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Katuwal is quite popular in this town. He works as a local school bus driver and he can also mimic the sound of a bullet bike.

man touches his forehead with his tongue

People love to see what he can do, and everyone finds it fascinating. Except for kids, they get scared of his bizarre act. (I agree, it does look creepy)

man touches his forehead with his tongue

Mocking his own deformities, Katuwal knows how to embrace his skills, instead of complaining.

When asked in an interview about his appearance and the way he looks, Katuwal said that he suits perfectly in a horror movie as he doesn’t need any make-up to look scary.

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Katuwal’s friend, Pushkar recorded his skills and uploaded it on the social media. The video has grabbed a lot of attention till now and is going viral on social media. Pushkar has helped the world to see what his friend can do. Furthermore, maybe now Katuwal can achieve his dream of becoming a world record holder.

Watch the unbelievable video here:

In Conclusion:

He revealed that he has just one tooth in his mouth, which makes it possible for him to perform this viral act. But I couldn’t agree more, what he can do with his tongue does look a little weird but it is fascinating at the same time.

What about you, up for a forehead licking challenge? 
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