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Video Of Indonesian Man Wrestling A 26 Feet Long Python Goes Viral

Are you scared of snakes?

Do you close your eyes with fear, when you watch movies like ‘Anaconda’? If you are even a teeny-tiny bit scared of creepy crawlies, then Indonesia is a destination you would want to skip from your holiday list.

What had happened in Indonesia?

On Nov 22, an Indonesian villager named Ronal Efendi Coto recorded the struggle between another villager and a snake. And it wasn’t just any snake. In fact, it was one of the largest pythons ever found. A 26 feet long python. The Pucuang Anam village has been under constant terror because of the long python roaming around in the jungle.

In the month of June, an Indonesian woman was found dead inside a giant python on Sulawesi island.
indonesia python swallowed woman

The woman had disappeared after she had gone to tend to her vegetable garden and later when the villagers captured the snake, they found her dead body inside the beast’s belly.

The 26 feet long Python

Just after 6 months, yet another python was spotted in the jungle. The villagers initially thought that the giant snake, which was resting by the river was just an old log.

26 feet long python

But as soon as one of the villagers touched it, the snake sprung into action.

26 Feet Long Python

 Indeed the snake was a very powerful one and villagers struggled to get control over it. And that’s how the viral video was shot.

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26 feet long python

The Python was aggressive after the villagers had begun their attempts to capture the snake.

Finally, after a tiring struggle between the villagers and the mighty 26 feet long python, somehow they were able to cage in with additional help.

Watch the whole video here:

What did they do with the snake?

After caging the python successfully, the people of Pucuang Anam village in Sumatra asked a local zoo for assistance. But to their dismay, the request was turned down as the zoo did not have the capacity to hold a 26 feet long python.

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Where is the snake now?

Sadly, the poor creature is caged as of now and kept in the same village so that the villagers can take a look and be rest assured that such a threat isn’t roaming freely in the jungle. After all, everyone knows how powerful pythons are and no one would like to become its next meal.

In Conclusion:

I wonder what will the villagers are planning to do with the python, but I feel bad for the snake. After all, the jungle is his home and it’s the villagers who are interfering in his territory.

I hope wildlife conservationists will take this into their attention and probably rescue the snake so that it can be released in some sort of sanctuary where it can be safe and away from people.

What do you think?

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