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10 Manly Skills That Every Man Should Have

I don’t want to flaunt, but being a man is pretty awesome. We as men, get the privilege to pee while standing up, we don’t need makeup to look good. And most importantly,’ Just like an expensive bottle of wine, we get better with age.’

But this doesn’t mean life is easy for us. We have to be responsible for millions of things in our life. And, for that, we need some manly skills to kick life’s ass.

So, here are some manly skills that every man should know.

1. Wet Shave

Manly skills

I know that you look best with those facial hairs, but for most of us, it gets hard to let them grow because our boss wants us to be clean shaved. We have to sacrifice our precious beard. Also, with the introduction of electric razors and multi-blade razors, shaving has become a child’s play.

But you are a man, not a child and that’s why you need to learn how to wet shave. It’s not easy. It needs a certain skill set that only a man posses. So, go and master this technique to prove you are a manly man.

2. Tie a necktie

Manly skills

I know today’s fashion is all about t-shirts and hoodies. But still, there are few places where you might need to wear a sharp tie to blend in the crowd or just to pay your regards. For example, at a wedding, funeral or job interview, you can’t sport those t-shirt’s that you have been wearing since last month. Right?

Also, you don’t want to ask your mom for help with a necktie. You are not a kid anymore. So, man-up and learn this very important manly skill.

3. Tell a joke

Manly skills

Nowadays, the old tradition of telling a joke is dead. And the reason for that is memes and viral videos, that we all love to watch on our smartphones. But, you can’t impress a girl by sending those digital jokes. It would make you look stupid. And mind it, men are not stupid. And men who are stupid, are actually brainless kids trapped inside a grown-up body.

If you don’t want to be like this, go and learn to tell a joke.

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4. Changing a flat tire

Manly skills

Imagine your girlfriend coming over for Netflix and chill. She is getting desperate (you know for what) and because of that, she is driving fast. But, suddenly her car gets a flat tire. She is stuck in the middle of nowhere and calls you for help. Now, as a man, it’s your duty to go and save her from this situation. And remember, calling roadside assistance is not an option.

So, get your ass up from the couch and become her hero. But wait, you know how to change a flat tire, right? I bet you do, you are a man after all.

5. Iron a shirt

Manly skills

Remember when I told you that we don’t need make-up to look good? But, we do need a perfectly ironed shirt when we go out, so that we don’t look like a wrinkled hot mess when we walk on the streets.

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Making friends with your electric iron will pay you in the long term because a crisp shirt attracts a lot of attention. Go, be a man.

6. Cooking

Manly skills

Believe me, there is nothing more attractive in a man, if he knows how to cook a badass meal. If you can cook a meal for your significant other, you are certainly going to get a surprise from her, after she is done eating.

But, you might not know anything about cooking. Don’t worry, it’s not that hard. Start practising and you’ll learn it in no time.

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7. Break a door

Manly skills

A man is a savior. That’s why when we see a man breaking the door and saving mom and kids from a burning building in the movies, it looks so manly. This same situation can occur in real life and at that time you can’t just wait and look for the key to open the door. You’ll have to break it, so be a man and break the door.

Also, I know after watching CID for so many years, you have always wanted to do so. Now go, pretend to be DAYA.

8. Sharpen a knife

Manly skills

Blades are always a man’s most important tool. No matter if its a kitchen knife or a survival knife, a man should know how to sharpen it. If you own a 100 knives (including double-sided blades) but none of them is sharp, it means all your knives are useless.

So, learn how to sharpen a knife and keep your most important tool in good shape. Who knows, you might need it.

9. Perfect handshake

Manly skills

Men don’t give hugs, we shake hand. When we meet our friends we shake hands, when we meet a client to close a deal, we shake hands. A handshake is not just a way to greet people. For us, it’s a way to show the other person that we respect them but we are not afraid of them either. FYI- Don’t just touch hands in the name of a handshake or choke other person’s hand.

Direct eye contact along with the firm grip, is the perfect way to give a manly handshake.

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10. Throw a punch

Manly skills

A real man doesn’t support violence. They too avoid it as much as possible. But sometimes, there is no other option than to raise your hand. In that case, the best thing you can do is to end things as fast you can. Throw an uppercut followed by few fakes and when he tries to mock you by taking his guard down, go right in and throw your powerful blow right at his mouth.

That’s it, go big or go home. I bet he won’t be staying up for the next few minutes.

In Conclusion:

Guys, you are amazing but I hope you all know these manly skills because these are the essentials mate. And when you know them all, no one can stop you from being ‘THE ALPHA MALE.’

Sounds cool, right?  Let me know if I have missed out on any other essential skill.

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