These Facts about Marijuana Will Blow Your Mind

Does Marijuana from weed dispensary Toronto ignite a spark of curiosity in your mind?

If yes, and you think you would like to know more about it, then read this article. I will start by sharing some of the most interesting facts about Marijuana. After that, I will give you a peephole into the history of this herb and the story of it becoming as notorious as it is today.

We will also talk about its effects on the brain and body as well as the medicinal properties that it carries with it. Come let us explore this wonderful herb which could not stay in the good books of people for long.

1. Your Beer and Marijuana are Related

Facts about Marijuana

The hops used to make beer are from the same flowering family as marijuana. It makes your beer and marijuana related to each other.

2. Cancer Cure

Facts about Marijuana

According to a scientific study, ingesting marijuana can help your body seize the spread of cancer cells.

3. Drop in IQ

Facts about Marijuana

Apart from addiction, smoking marijuana can decline the IQ of teenagers. However, adults have not shown any such signs so it is a threat to teenagers only.

4. First E-Commerce Business

Facts about Marijuana

There is a pile of items which are essential for our lifestyle but did you know that weed was the first thing bought and sold online?

5. Shakespeare: A Pothead

Facts about Marijuana

William Shakespeare’s pipe fragments tested positive for marijuana residue multiple times which does not confirm the news. However, as we have heard before that marijuana boosts creativity, we have nothing else to do but believe it.

6. Biggest Stoners

Facts about Marijuana

Do you know which country smokes the most weed in the world? Icelanders are the biggest stoners in the world with 18% of its population reportedly using cannabis.

7. Bhutan Pigs Feed on Marijuana

Facts about Marijuana

Weed grows more than grass in Bhutan and though people don’t smoke it, they use it as pastures for their pigs.

8. Practically Impossible to Die using Marijuana

Facts about Marijuana

Theoretically speaking, if you want to die smoking weed, you would have to smoke 680 kilograms of marijuana within fifteen minutes which is practically impossible.

9. Safe and Less Addictive

Facts about Marijuana

Weed is relatively safer than alcohol and cigarettes whereas it is less addictive than coffee so you can smoke before you make a cup of coffee.

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10. Danger to the Environment

Facts about Marijuana

Marijuana is really bad for the environment as for every pound of marijuana cultivation, approximately 4,600 pounds of carbon dioxide is released in the air polluting our environment.

11.Chocolates and Weed are the Same

Facts about Marijuana

Did you know that it has been scientifically proven that chocolate consumption produces a similar reaction in your brain as smoking marijuana would?

12. Legal till 1985

Facts about Marijuana

Weed was legal in India up until 1985 and it was sold and consumed openly in the country. However, the American Government’s pressure made India ban it for the people.

History of Marijuana

We do not know who used this hazily amazing drug first, but Chinese Emperor Shennong was the first person to write about it. He discovered its medicinal properties and mentioned in its writing that it can help diseases like gout, malaria, rheumatism, nausea, labour pain and it is also a cure for absent mindedness.

Since then, it spread across the entire Asia and Europe alike, which was taken across the Atlantic by the Spanish in 1545. The English people used this plant to make ropes, cloth, and paper.

When Mexicans went to the United States, it is when recreational marijuana came into the picture. It is exactly when marijuana started losing its reputation turning notorious in the community. Eventually it was put into controlled or illegal drugs restricting its use to a very minimal level.

Types of Marijuana

Although multiple hybrids have joined the race, there are mainly two types of Cannabis that started this race:


Sativas Marijuana
Sativas Marijuana

This type of weed is known for its high as it pumps the smoker with immense energy and excitement. It can help the smoker to increase creativity and focus while reducing anxiety and stress.


Indicas Marijuana
Indicas Marijuana

Unlike Sativas, Indicas is known for improving deep relaxation which eventually helps reduce insomnia and facilitate better sleep.

Medicinal Benefits of Marijuana

Marijuana has multiple medical benefits which keeps the debate about its legalisation in many countries sizzling. Let us look at the benefits it offers you in medical terms:

  • Works as an effective painkiller and may ease an ongoing pain.
  • It helps with muscle spasms and stiff muscles.
  • It helps patients with sleep problems including fibromyalgia, MS, and sleep apnea.
  • It reduces anxiety and stress, helping people with depression.
  • It helps people regain their lost appetite with AIDS.
  • AIDS survivors can gain weight with its help.
  • It helps with nausea from chemotherapy.
  • It eases the seizures from epilepsy.
  • Helps with Dravet syndrome or Lennox-Gastaut syndrome.

Countries where you can smoke weed freely

Are you living in India where Marijuana is illegal? You would be surprised to learn that there are countries where it is completely legal. Here is a list of the countries you can buy and smoke weed openly:

  • Uruguay
  • Netherlands
  • Czech Republic
  • Spain
  • South Africa
  • Jamaica
  • Colombia
  • Canada
  • Belize

Ways People Smoke Marijuana

There are multiple ways people can intake marijuana and smoking is the most common one among all. However, there are variants of smoking too which are discussed below:

1. Joints

Marijuana Joints
Marijuana Joints

The first one is a joint where people crush dried marijuana, remove its stems and seeds, and then roll it into a thin paper. This paper could be made of hemp, rice, or paper with a cardboard tip to take the smoke in.

2. Blunts

Marijuana Blunts
Marijuana Blunts

Blunts are similar to joints but with a slight change in the type of material it is rolled in. Instead of thin paper, blunts are rolled in blunt wraps or cigars for better smoking experience.

3. Pipe

Marijuana Pipe
Marijuana Pipe

Pipe makes smoking simpler than with the joints and blunts. You put crushed herbs in the bowl like a cavity in the pipe and burn it. After that, you use the other end of the pipe to take in the smoke.

4. Bong

Marijuana Bong
Marijuana Bong

Bong is similar to pipe but with a slight and best change possible. Bong is designed in a way that lets the smoke pass through water and cools it down. So, by the time it reaches your mouth, it becomes the whitest possible.

Effects of Marijuana: On Mind and Body

Marijuana affects your mind and body in temporary and permanent ways. If you are looking forward to smoking it, it is highly important to understand what it brings with it. Marijuana can permanently damage the parts of your brain that are responsible for memory, learning, attention, decision-making, coordination, emotions, and reaction time.

marijuana meme

Besides these general things, there are more effects of marijuana which we will discuss below:

1. You Can Get “High”

marijuana You Can Get “High”
You Can Get High

The reason people use marijuana for recreational purposes, it can give you a high by releasing a chemical in your brain, dopamine that relaxes you. It also stimulates your brain’s part which responds to pleasure, the reason you start enjoying food and sex after getting high.

2. Affect Your Mental Health

marijuana Affect Your Mental Health
Affect Your Mental Health

After smoking marijuana, your mental health can be affected badly as it can leave you afraid, anxious, paranoid or panicked. In addition to these temporary effects, it increases your chances of getting clinical depression and worsen previous mental disorders.

3. Distorted Thinking

marijuana Distorted Thinking
Distorted Thinking

Smoking marijuana can distort your thinking and cloud your judgement and senses. It may heighten your senses and you might see brighter colours and hear louder sounds. It can even distort the sense of your time or hurt your motor skills leaving you wobbly. It reduces your response time and makes you shy which may put you in a position of risky sex or other acts.

4. You May Get Hooked

marijuana You May Get Hooked
You May Get Hooked

Studies show that 1 out of 10 marijuana smokers get addicted to it, despite it affects their personal and professional lives. The chances are stronger for people starting smoking in their teenage years. Many become physically dependent on it which leaves the person with withdrawal symptoms such as irritability, restlessness, insomnia, and more when they don’t get it.

5. Brain Impairment

marijuana Brain Impairment
Brain Impairment

Once people rely on marijuana to focus on their work, it becomes hard for them to do it in its absence. It affects the users’ focus, learning and memory. This problem stays for 24 hours or a little longer after they stop smoking.

However, teenagers smoking pot can have more permanent effects as it physically alters their brains. It specifically affects those parts of the brain which are linked to learning, alertness and memory. According to certain studies, it also lowers the IQ of such teenagers in the long run.

6. Lungs May Hurt

marijuana Lungs May Hurt
Lungs May Hurt

Smoking pot weakens your lungs which can result in inflammation and irritation in the lungs. This may result in continuous coughing with discoloured mucus. In addition to this, your lungs will be susceptible to infection because THC in the weed weakens the immune system.

7. Feel Hungrier

marijuana Feel Hungrier
Feel Hungrier

Weed makes you hungry and sometimes even crave certain foods and flavours. It helps to boost your appetite and its clinical use in weight gain is also being researched.

8. Harm Your Heart

marijuana Harm Your Heart
Harm Your Heart

A human heart beats 50 to 70 times a minute but after getting high of marijuana, the heart beats 70 to 120 beats or more per minute for up to 3 hours. It increases the chances of heart attack and stroke in the user. The chances become thick if the user is older or already has heart problems.


It was a complete article about Marijuana where you learnt some related interesting facts, its history, its types, its medical benefits, legalisation, way to smoke it, and its effects on the human body. I hope now you know why to stay away from this herb.

Please share this article with your friends and family members so that everyone can gain information on this topic. Please leave your valuable comments in the comment section given below for your fellow readers.


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