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A Blast Took Place In Rawalpindi Hospital Where Masood Azhar Was Admitted

Rawalpindi military hospital in Pakistan has become the centre of the topic after an explosion hit the hospital. The explosion took place on Sunday, the news becomes viral on the internet instantly.

According to twitter shares, 10 people were injured in this accident. At that time Jaish-e-Mohammad (JeM) founder Masood Azhar, was also admitted at the same hospital.

Ahsan Ullah MiaKhail, a human rights activist from Quetta, is the one who confirms the presence of UN-blacklisted terrorist in the hospital at the time of the blast.

Why the news came so late?

Masood Azhar

Ahsan Ullah Miakhail posted a video of the burning hospital on Twitter. He also claimed that the Pakistan Army had impeded the media from reporting on the incident.

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At this time there is no official statement released on the same. Everyone is speculating whether the JeM chief had suffered injuries in the incident or not.

No one knows what caused the explosion. One of the Twitter users theorised that the blast could have been choreographed as Azhar had become a “liability” for the Pakistani Army.

The country is already facing increased pressure from FATF, terror funding watchdog. As everyone wants Pakistan to take strong steps to eliminate terror groups operating from its soil.

People are worried to know if the mastermind behind the Pulwama attack had died in the explosion at the hospital. According to the claims of ANI (an Indian news agency) this explosion could have been an “attack.”

You can see the burning hospital in the Ahsan Ullah Miakhail’s video.

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In Conclusion:

The explosion is very unfortunate, hope it was just an accident and not an attack. Tell us what you think? Was it all pre-planned or media is just trying to create a new conspiracy.


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