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Massive Sandstorm Took Lives: City of Taj Mahal Is In Pain and Shock

Several sandstorms have hit the ‘city of Taj Mahal’. This is very shocking incident for the residents as they have never seen such destructive wind blowing in many years. Sandstorm that blew away houses, people, trucks, trees and what not.

It was reported that the storm was running around 130km/h which has caused severe breakdown of electricity and property.

The worst-hit areas are Bharatpur of Rajasthan and Agra, the home to the elegant beauty ‘Taj Mahal’ in U.P.

As per the sources around 43 deaths and 51 injuries in Agra have been confirmed. 

Surprisingly, none of the Indian news/media has this news as their headlines. And most of the news companies haven’t even covered this recent disaster in Agra. However, a lot of foreign media is circulating news and videos around this.

These images sums up the pain and shock that they are experiencing right now due to this uncalled for weather.


flipped truck due to sandstorm

2 containers were flipped due to heavy dust storms. And many trees got destroyed.


car destroyed sand storm agra

Baldev singh is a soldier and Sudesh is his son. They were driving this car while the Sandstorm hit Agra city. These fellows were driving towards cantonment. Because of their die hard attitude they survived from this massive incident.


houses fell agra sandstorm

Roof of various houses fell down and many children and people died

ViralBake Telegram


parrots died agra sandstorm

This is an image of dead parrots


temple agra sandstorm

Condition of a temple in Agra district


injured people agra sandstorm

Injured people admitted in SN Medical college


rescue opreation agra sandstorm

Rescue operations by Agra localities


Extinguished electricity sub-station


mourning people agra sandstorm


It was shocking for us to find out that this news has caught a lot of attention overseas but none of the Indian media is so far bothered about it.

Our source for the images was e-paper of Agra city Amar Ujala.


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