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What The Damn Thing We Just See Happening On Live TV

Be it a controversial discussion or a live debate, a news channel never fails to spark a fire. Most of the channels today rely majorly on these live shows to climb up the stairs of TRP.

But sometimes, even the channel isn’t aware of the kind of deadly mix it accidentally poures in the same room.

Something similar happened in the studio of Zee Hindustan when there was a ‘live’ debate going on the very sensitive topic of triple talaq.


Muslim cleric Ejaz Arshad Qasmi and the Supreme Court lawyer Farah Faiz were the main contenders of this debate. Obviously, the debate was a heated one and there was a lot of shouting, howling and exchange of strong words. But, the next chain of events was something the news channel neither expected nor asked for.

Before they could try and calm down the duo, a fist-fight broke out between them.

It all began with a simple fact that they both were against each other’s point of view. After all, that was the sole reason why they were there in the first place.

But, things started going out of control when they began praising each other with words like ‘paakhandi’ and ‘dhongi’. Farah Faiz, being a lawyer still tried to maintain her calm by adding an ‘AAP’ in front of the adjectives, while referring to the Maulana Qasmi over there. But it seemed that Qasmi wasn’t cool about it.

He replaced her ‘AAP’ with ‘TU’ and went on a full-fledged spree of returning back the favor with a tinge of spice.

The phrase,’ Tu Kutti’ was the stimuli that triggered Farah to slap him at that very instant. Lawyer or not, she just couldn’t bear the insults anymore. In return, Qasmi too took up the fight level to a notch and started scratching and slapping and what not. While doing so, he also misbehaved with writer and activist Amber Zaidi. The host and other fellow beings in the studio separated the two before things could take an ugly turn.

The police were called and Qasmi was detained, based on a complaint filed by Faiz. Of course, the news channel took it to social media platforms to condemn the shameful incident. Zee Hindustan also posted this incident on Twitter.

Strangely, Qasmi still didn’t seem to be ashamed of what he did and was super cool about the whole incident. On being asked, that how could he act in such a shameful way in front of the live audience, he blamed it on the way he was being talked back and verbally abused by lawyer Faiz. According to him, she was the reason that he acted that way.

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maulana slaps woman on zee hindustan

The Supreme court lawyer Faiz runs a non-governmental organization called Muslim Women’s Quest for Equality in Uttar Pradesh. She is one of the petitioners in the triple talaq case in the Supreme Court.

Whatever the reason be, this incident clearly portrayed the fact that if our so-called leaders lose their shit on live shows, what do we expect a layman to do?

Being a lawyer, Faiz should have taken legal actions, instead of slapping him. And being a Muslim cleric, Ejaz Arshad Qasmi should have never engaged in any kind of abusive language in the first place. But sadly, both of them ended up doing something they shouldn’t have.

The point is, triple talaq is a religion-related issue. And with such a hypersensitive issue being the debate topic, they need to fight back to solve it and not fight among ourselves to create a display of immaturity and futile behavior.

Do you think what happened was right? Feel free to share your views.

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