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MBA Graduates Can Earn An Average 8 Lakhs Every Year Along With These Added Benefits

In the past couple of years, MBA has become the top trending career across the globe.

The market demand for MBA graduates is on a five year high.

Why should you choose MBA?

According to a survey done by the employer and business schools in India, business corporations are continuously looking for people with complex problem-solving skills. Candidates who can think logically in critical situations and come up with creative solutions.

But then, there are a lot of stories where college dropouts are becoming billionaires and that is raising concern among the aspirants. Which brings up the question, should you invest in an MBA or should you just drop out of college and invest in a startup?

Which is why everyone has started wondering whether pursuing an MBA is the right option or not?

Thankfully, the survey claims that candidates with creative and logical skills are still required. The business demands are still not fulfilled, this has somehow encouraged students to pursue their MBA career. But worry not, there are five other reasons which will support why you should do MBA in 2019.

1. Increased salary

MBA average salary

This is one of the most obvious perks of obtaining an MBA degree. With the help of your MBA degree, you will be able to step out from the normal pay-range. Although the package depends on your skills and the name of the college, pursuing an MBA won’t leave you empty handed. You will end up getting a decent job that pays well.

Additionally, in India, the average salary for an MBA graduate is around 8-10 Lakh per anum. To find the type of companies that appear for campus placements- please fill this form

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2. Learning advanced skills

MBA average salary

In this competitive world, your knowledge is something that can help you stay ahead. You might think that your bachelor’s degree is enough and you have acquired all the knowledge that you might need to land a well paid and reputed job. But that’s not enough, doing an MBA will add up to your knowledge.

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To know more about such advanced skills that will guide you to become more proficient, click here.

You’ll be able to get a more responsible job that proves your worth in the market.

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3. Learn to become a better entrepreneur

MBA average salary

You can acquire the skills needed to run an established enterprise. Analytics, entrepreneurship, and design-thinking are going to be in demand for the coming years. A dropout might become a millionaire but not without the help of experts who are proficient in solving complex problems.

Or else, you can choose an MBA, get the knowledge and build your own start-up. To get personal mentoring about it, you can fill this form

4. Improved business network

MBA average salary

Doing internships is a part of an MBA course that provides you with a number of opportunities to improve your business network. You will meet different people while you go on your internship programs. Some of them might be your next employer, some might help you raise funds for your start-up, and some might even become your partners.

Throughout your career, these business networks will help you advance towards a better life.

5. More opportunities

MBA average salary

Apart from MBA average salary (which is more than normal), expanded network and greater responsibility, MBA also offers you better opportunities. By doing MBA you’ll be able to land a well-payed job and a high-level management position. According to a study, nearly 70% of all MBA graduates are either the members of the senior management team or become a board director.

These titles are certainly very reputed in any business and also the is pay great.

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In Conclusion:

After knowing all these factors, the benefits of becoming an MBA graduate are certainly more enticing. You’ll not only be able to earn more than average, but you’ll also become more proficient and an all-rounder in the business world.

Some of the institutions like IIBM offer tailored courses that guarantee lucrative placements. Management education is made easy with their online management education training. They have become the global award-winning institutes offering online education.

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