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18 Tragic Facts About The Life Of Tragedy Queen ‘Meena Kumari’

The tale of the “Tragedy Queen” is as tragic as the roles she used to play in her movies.

Even after 45 years, ‘Meena Kumari’ remains to serve as the epitome of calamitous appearances in the film industry. No one has ever scaled the heights stationed by this brilliant actress, who made her debut at a very early age.

Nevertheless, her life seems like a heart-breaking version of what she represented in her movies.

Meena Kumari Facts

From passion, romance, love, success to tragedy – she witnessed all the shades in her real life too. Right from the time of her birth, she faced what we call, ‘the stroke of bad luck’.

Here are the glimpses to take you closer to the life of this prodigious diva of the bygone era –


Meena Kumari Facts

This was because her parents couldn’t afford the fees of Dr. Gadre who delivered her. Her father, however, couldn’t bear the separation for long and decided to bring her back after a few hours.


Meena Kumari Facts

Owing to her difficult childhood, at one point, her income used to support her family of 31 members.


Meena Kumari Facts

She played the daughter of Jairaj Singh in the movie.


    Meena Kumari Facts

The director Vijay Bhatt, changed her name to Baby Meena for his movie as he felt her real name would not go well due to social turmoils. Once she grew up, she was popularly known as Meena Kumari.

5. Meena Kumari went ahead to star in more than ninety films in her 30-years of lifespan.

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6. Because of her charismatic screen presence, she was cast to play Hindu goddess in a lot of mythological shows before she appeared in the movies.


Meena Kumari Facts

She also used to write poems in Urdu by the pen name of ‘Naaz’, many of them which got published.


Meena Kumari Facts

He was looking for a child artiste to act in one of his movies.


Meena Kumari Facts

Sadly, this marriage couldn’t last longer than a decade because of personal issues and the couple parted ways.


Meena Kumari Facts

Reason being, the shooting went on hold after the couple separated in March 1964. At that time, the movie was more than halfway through.


Meena Kumari Facts

Albeit her status, she never was a party lover and used to get bored at such events.


Meena Kumari Facts

She played the role of Chhoti Bahu, an alcoholic wife in the movie.

13. She set a benchmark in 1963 when she received all the Filmfare Awards nominations for the Best Actress in the same year.

14. She almost drowned while shooting for Baiju Bawara.

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Meena Kumari Facts

Tragically, the prescription turned to addiction. The addiction grew to such an extent that her husband often found brandy filled in the Dettol bottles.


Meena Kumari Facts

Excessive alcohol consumption also caused severe damages to her gorgeous looks.

17. She eventually went for treatment in London but that didn’t seem to cure the illness. On 31st March 1972, she departed the world, leaving all her problems behind.


Meena Kumari Facts

However, the movie is stalled for the time being, as Meena Kumari’s stepson Tajdar Amrohi disapproves casting Ranaut as his mother.
The hardships this exceptional actress faced throughout her existence seems to be a grief-stricken depiction of the roles she used to play in her films. But one thing is for sure, against all odds, she was successful in leaving a bold mark on the golden pages of Hindi film industry, which remains untouched by far. 


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