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Meet Sruthy Sithara, The Miss Trans Global 2021 Winner From Kerala

The whole country is overjoyed and pleased, but who is Sruthy Sithara, exactly?

Sruthy Sithara, Who Is She?

This 25-year-old Keralan from Vaikom is already a household name. The country has a new shining light in the form of an advocate and champion for India’s marginalised and downtrodden transgender population.

Sruthy was a project assistant at the Kerala government’s Social Justice Department’s transgender cell, according to her impressive resume. The struggles of her peers and the LGBTQ+ community were important causes to her, and she worked tirelessly to ensure that they could go about their daily lives without fear of discrimination.

They’d started a campaign called “The Kaleidoscope” to combat society’s narrow-mindedness as part of their resistance to it. She hoped to normalise lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender relationships in society by launching this campaign.

In addition to being a model and an artist, she also utilises her platform to raise awareness about social issues.

Miss Trans Global 2021 Will Be Crowned This Year

For transgender and non-binary people around the world, Miss Trans Global is an international pageant that gives them a global platform to raise awareness about transgender and LGBTQ+ issues.

Until the winner was announced on December 1st, Sithara had been a contestant in the pageant for about six months. Among her rivals were contestants from both the Philippines and Canada, and she emerged victorious.

Anannyah Kumari Alex was the first transgender RJ in Kerala, and her daughter dedicated her victory to her mother and her friend, who passed away earlier this year. Sruthy celebrated her triumph on social media, thanking everyone who had supported her along the way.

Sruthy Sithara’s Triumph for Kerala

When she was named Miss Trans Global 2021, the state of Kerala recognised her work as a project assistant and offered its congratulations. Dr. R. Bindu, Kerala’s minister of higher education, congratulated Sruthy Sithara on Twitter.


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