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Why Memes Are The Next Big Thing Everyone Wants To Feature On?

Meme culture is the current big thing.

There is no doubt that everyone wants to feature in one of those, or at least be a part of the cult on which the memes are based. You must have noticed that several Bollywood movies get famous from their memes right from their trailer release.

But, why is that? Why does everyone want to take this road to success and rely on it so much nowadays? Well, I don’t have any proof of the real deal behind it, but I am pretty much sure that I have decoded the rocket science behind this trending meme culture.

Memes are the next big thing and I think that these could be the reasons behind it. Take a look-

1. Memes go viral instantly


Even a flu virus doesn’t match the speed with which a meme can travel from one place to other. Yeah, no kidding. By the time you blink an eye, thousands of people will have already read and laughed at your meme. Just like this Gor-Mint aunty that featured in an Indian meme and got famous overnight.

No waiting for a video or a post to get views and likes. Make a meme and go viral. No wonder, memes are the next big thing.

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2. Become a popular face overnight

memes are the next big thing

So, you go to sleep on a Friday night being you, and when you wake up, you are a star. A well-known face and everyone is talking about you. Soon, everyone wants to know where are you from what you eat, do you have a gf or bf and what not.

What else does a celeb want, right? All fame and glory at their feet and that’s exactly what a meme offers.

3. Don’t have to spend a penny

memes are the next big thing

Oh no, forget about spending time and money on events and promotions. Now, actors give away meme material to creators and voila, the memes flood the social platforms and create a sensation before the movie launch. Take Sui Dhaga for example, the memes for that seemed to be strategically planned.

Because I bet, Anushka wouldn’t have allowed having her ugly looking pic featuring everywhere unless it was for free publicity.

4. Crowd gets drawn to the meme star

memes are the next big thing

When you see a viral meme, no matter how stupid it is, you ask in your mind, ‘Who is she/he?’ That’s exactly why everyone wants to have memes made out on them. Once your face appears on a meme, you are sorted. Even if it makes you famous in your nukkad or takes it to the whole world, it’s worth.

And if you always dreamt of being famous like our ‘Rocky Superstar’ with that retarded smile, you know what you need to do!

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5. Memes aren’t restricted to one platform

memes are the next big thing

The best part of memes is that they are hassle-free. They can be uploaded on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit etc. etc. You can literally upload a meme on any platform. Even WhatsApp can be your savior. You can even do that while you are in the LOO, it’s really that easy. As they say, big things come from small places.

Nothing comes with so many perks and no labor. Which is why today everyone wants to be in it because memes are the next big thing.

6. Memes are evergreen

memes are the next big thing

So, what happens when someone features in a meme? Obviously, apart from being trolled and laughed at, it makes sure that your name is etched to the world of memes forever and ever. You kids can look up your meme, 20 years from now. LOL.

So, yeah it’s a kind of one-time investment and lifetime popularity or at least a topic you would talk about.

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Want to feature in a meme?

Memes- The shortest road to success, the easiest way to make sure that people know you (in a good or bad way- DOESN’T MATTER). No doubt everyone wants to be a part of the meme cult, at least one.

And now you know the real reasons behind it, go do something silly like Rakhi Sawant but don’t take it to the extent of Deepak Kalal or get ready to be thrashed in the middle of the road.

So, keeping all that in mind, want to feature in one? Memes are the next big thing after all!

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