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20 Men’s Essentials That Every Guy Should Own To Separate Themselves From Kids

You are 22. You have grown a pretty long beard but still, sometimes people consider you as a kid. Don’t worry, it’s not your fault and I know you are not a kid.

It’s just our generation, which is portrayed as careless and immature like most kids are.  And T-shirts are the only piece of clothing that our generation likes to wear everywhere. (but they look childish, don’t they?)

So, here are the top 20 things that every guy should own to separate themselves from kids.

1. Black tie

black tie

I assume you are not a kid and if you still consider yourselves to be one, you are silly. Do you wanna know why? Because I guess you own at least one tailored suit but the thing is, you are missing a black tie. It is a must to own accessory that every man should possess in his closet.

2. A sweet pen


Yes, you are a kid born in the digital age, from filling forms to signing your delivery package you can do it all online. But still, owning a pen shows maturity. When you take out that sweet pen to sign off some documents or just to write your number on the tissue, that pen will let others know that you are not a kid anymore.

3. A sick wrist watch

wrist watch

Watches are the must-have accessories for men. And the good news is that these sweet, sexy watches aren’t that expensive. You don’t have to buy a diamond embedded watch, simply go with an elegant but subtle design that will match your outfit.

4. Fit denim

fit denim

Believe it or not but denim’s are the most versatile clothing that a man could own. Not only they are comfortable but they go well with everything. Wear shoes and put on a shirt tucked inside your jeans – voila you got your formal look. Pair them with sneakers and a t-shirt for a more relaxed and weekend look.

5. Great pair of shades


Shades are not just to protect your eyes from burning sun rays. Instead, they make you look more mature. People will listen to you as those shades that cover your eyes, makes you look more attractive.

6. Wallet


Your big wallet that holds all your tickets, debit/credit cards and that crippled bill of the lunch you had last month, resembles how immature you are. That’s why it is advisable to spend on a plain, slim wallet. As wallets are made to hold your money, not your junk.

7. Book Collection that you actually read

book collection

Don’t try to skip this point, you might think of books as a source of knowledge that only kids have to read. But that’s not true.

A man should be smart and intelligent. From where do you think adults get the information that makes them wise and creative? Grown-ups know the role of books in their life and that’s why they own a book collection that they have actually read.

8. Casual scarf


Winters are here and you might think you don’t need a scarf but just put it on for once. You’ll feel like a warm, fuzzy animal is wrapped around you. Believe me, you will never want to take off that warm, woolly bunny from your neck. You might want to pat it but leave it where it is, it looks good on you.

9. A baseball hat

baseball hat

I bet you have grown those facial hairs into a badass beard. But the one thing that you are missing on, is the baseball hat. It will compliment your badass beard and make you look tough like a man.

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10. Tailored suit

tailored suit

You must have seen a guy either in movies or in real life wearing a well-fitted suit. But when you tried the same look, it didn’t look good. The problem is that you go with a readymade suit, which is never recommended.

It is important for every guy to own a tailored suit so that they can become a man. If it is your first suit, don’t get confused. Simply go with a grey colored tailored suit that will look awesome on you.

11. Dress Shoe

dress shoe

Your shoe can tell a thousand of tales and everyone listens to it. Even before you can introduce yourself, your boss can make up his mind on what he thinks about you. So, invest in some good pair of shoes and don’t go cheap this time.

12. A tool shed

mr. fix it

What looks more masculine than the guy who knows how to fix things and owns his own tool shed? Nothing. So, learn and own tools that you can use every now and then. Works everytime.

13. Leather Jacket

lather jacket

Sweatshirts and hoodies do a fine job to keep you warm in the winters. But they do look kind of lazy and you might never be able to get into a club wearing your iron-man printed hoodie. So, go for some shopping and find the best leather jacket that you can get.

14. Set of towels

jim carrey

Boy’s don’t pay much attention to their towels, but men do. You can not dry your face with the same towel that you used to clean your junk before that, it’s gross. Own a set of towels that are used for one particular thing.

15. Plant


Delhi’s pollution is killing. Owning an indoor plant is a good idea for you as well as for the environment. So plant a small pot that will provide you with some clean air to breath and some good stuff to get you high (I hope you understand what I mean).

16. Condom

playing with condom

You don’t want to be the guy who asks a girl to bring condom for you. You are a man and it’s your junk. Buy it yourself or keep one in advance for the good and worse time.

17. Fancy Socks


To complete your tailored suit you need two things, first, the black tie that we have already discussed and the other one is fancy socks. People kind of forget about the socks game. They forgot how important socks are to complete your attire. But don’t make the same mistake that kids make and get your hands on some good fancy socks.

18. Grooming Kit

shaving beard

It is not easy to own those long facial hairs that you consider as your baby. No matter if it’s short, medium or long you need to take care of your baby and to do that you need a nice grooming kit.

19. Great plates

dinner time

You have invited a girl for dinner at home. Dinner that you are cooking. She must be very impressed because I know you cook amazing, though there is one thing that I think I should tell you.

Do you own some food plates? If not, then it might get hard for you to get lucky tonight. The presentation is everything and if you don’t own some good dishes it is going to be really hard for you to impress that girl.

20. Umbrella


I know it doesn’t rain that much here in Delhi but still, umbrellas are classic. Haven’t you seen that movie, “Kingsman: Secret Service.” Also, in case of a dangerous situation, you can even use it as a sword. Best of both worlds, eh?

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In Conclusion:

There is a very thin line that separates a man from a boy. A line that tells you are mature and you are immature. Make sure you own all the above-mentioned items so that you can stand on the right side and people will treat you the way you wanted.

What’s say, folks, ready to be a MAN?

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