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14 Men’s Guilty Pleasures That They Shouldn’t Be Embarrassed Off

Men like to portray that they are simple creatures, easy to understand, but are they? If you look behind the curtain, you’ll find that men are not that simple.

Every man has his own fantasies, guilty pleasures that he likes to keep hidden, from everyone.

But I don’t think, it is necessary. After all, they are not that bad. Some of these guilty pleasures can actually help men to look more attractive. But, for a change, I would like you to be the judge and decide whether they are actually guilty or we (men) just overthink it.

Here are 14 men’s guilty pleasures that they shouldn’t be embarrassed off.

1. Getting dressed-up like a gentleman

Men usually don’t care much about how they look, they hardly take 5 minutes to get ready. Whether it is for work or Saturday night party, but honestly, that’s not what they want.

Just like women, men also like to take their time to get ready, to iron that shirt, dry cleaning their coat, spend the time to make their hair and choose that perfect pair of shoe.

2. Their love for girly music

They are not girls but that doesn’t mean they can’t appreciate some good music. No matter if it is Rock, Metal, Hip-Hop or Lana Del Rey. Good music is good music.

They might never admit their love for girly music but if you check their playlist, you’ll find more female vocalists like Lady Gaga, Anne Marie, Beyonce, etc. than any other artist.

3. Online shopping

Shopping is a girls thing, that’s what he said. For some men, going out in public for shopping is a very hard task. The problem is not confronting other people but things like finding a vacant parking, paying for their girlfriend’s shopping bills etc, etc.

So for them, online shopping is just like an angel sent from heaven. No more finding parking spot or paying unnecessary shopping bills.

4. Having a deep conversation

It is true, men find difficulty expressing their emotions, it’s not easy for them and it’s not their fault. They are always taught that a real man never shows his emotion.

That’s why, having a deep conversation with their good friends is one of men’s guilty pleasures. It doesn’t happen very often but when it does, it’s very deep.

5. Wear Bling

Well, it’s not very often you’ll spot a guy wearing those gold/diamond blings. But when you do, just know it is one of men’s guilty pleasures and not everyone has the balls to try this.

Men also love shiny things, but they don’t want to go out for jewelry shopping unless it’s for their ladies. But deep down, they love to show some bling too.

6. Pampering themselves

Sun lotion, pedicure, massage and all the other ways of treating your body good is not just girls thing. Self-aware men know it’s okay to receive good body treatment once in a while.

Every man enjoys a good shoulder massage but they might never ask you to join them. Why? Because it’s one of the men’s guilty pleasures.

7. Their affection for motor vehicles

It doesn’t matter if it’s a car, a bike or a boat, every man has a thing for motor vehicles. They love talking about them, riding them, looking at them and all that sort of things.

A man loves power and there is nothing better than a 2000cc engine that revs like a jet engine. The best part- most of them are not even afraid to accept this.

8. Video games

In UK, Fortnite was the reason for more than 126 divorce cases. If you are a lady, you already know about this video gaming addiction. It’s a fun way to hang out with friends.

Also, it’s not their fault, video games are fucking addictive. And we don’t think it’s a problem unless he holds his controller more than you.

9. Shoe

There is just one thing that a guy doesn’t think twice before investing in it and these are their shoes. No matter what it costs, if a guy falls in love with a shoe, he buys it.

It starts when they buy the first Adidas sneakers that make them feel stronger and better. Then their first dress shoes that has become their lucky charm as they got you after that. So, don’t judge them.

10. Gadget Geeks

They might have bullied other boys in their school by calling them geeks but in reality, every man is a tech geek. Though they might not know how to accept it.

Some of them are just following the community, while some of them are just exploring human creation, whatever it is, they have to have the latest iPhone (or Android phone) in their pocket.

11. Beard love

They know they might look homeless with those bushy, barbaric facial hairs on their face and security personals might give them extra attention when they are at the airport or in a subway.

But it can not stop them from growing that beast like a beard. Even if those facial hair doesn’t grow on your man’s face, he must have dreamt of having a long beard more than once.

12. Appreciating beauty (of any kind)

No matter if it’s their enemies girlfriend, their car or the expensive wristwatch that his boss is showing off. A man never thinks twice before appreciating beauty.

Personal grudges one side, appreciating beauty another side. A man knows beautiful things are made to appreciate and not to get jealous of. They might not say it in front of their competition but appreciating beauty is one of men’s guilty pleasures.

13. That dark fantasy

This is something that a guy might never share with anyone except his inner demon. Everyone has these dark fantasies that are either too dark or too filthy to describe.

Don’t feel guilty about it, it’s not you, it’s your inner demon and everything is fine until you keep those fantasies locked deep inside dark.

14. Finding ways to see their crush

It’s important, waiting at the metro station just to see her face no matter if you are getting late for other things. Though, a guy will never accept that he is wasting his time.

Deep down somewhere they feel the guilt of not doing what they are actually supposed to do. Even if they accept this, they are unable to make any changes because seeing their crushes face is one of most loved men’s guilty pleasures.

In Conclusion

Everyone has got their guilty pleasures that they don’t think society will appreciate. Though, often people think too much about what will society think. Don’t be like other people and don’t feel shy about your guilty pleasure.

It’s your life after all, and you’re the one living it. Go live it the way you want to! 
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