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Menstruation Myths: People Still Believe On These Periods-Related Rumors; Know The Truth With Us

To make people aware of menstruation, many vigilant campaigns have been run by the government. Not only this, Bollywood star Akshay Kumar performed in a movie named ‘PAD MAN” to make people aware of the periods. Still, there are people including women in the country who feel shy from discussing openly about periods. In some areas of the country, menstruation is still considered impure.


Due to less information, there are few assumptions among people about periods. Therefore, it is important for girls, women, and even men to have the right information about this. We have bought a few menstruation myths or rumours. You should know about the truth.  

1. Period Blood Is Dirty Blood – Many people including girls believe that period blood is dirty, but the truth is it does not contain any kind of toxins. These drops of blood contain mucus lining, uterine tissue, and bacteria which do not pollute the blood. We should understand that it is a physical process and no one should feel ashamed of it.

Source: India Times

Periods Lasts For Four Days – We must know that every woman has a different menstrual cycle depending on their body. The gynaecologists say that the menstruation cycle generally ranges from 2 to 8 days. Women having less than 2 days or more than 8 days of menstruation may consult with the doctor.

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Avoid Eating Sour During Periods – It has been seen some women avoid eating sour things during their period, but there is no scientific evidence for this. Thus, it is important to take a healthy and balanced diet instead of believing this myth.

Should Not Take Bath During Periods – Menstruation has nothing to do with washing hair, taking bath, or applying makeup. Cleaning intimate areas and taking regular bath maintains cleanliness and avoid infection.

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