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Smoking Menthol, Low Tar Cigarettes? They Are As Harmful As Normal Ones, Says Study

According to a new study, people who smoke menthol and low tar cigarettes suffer the same damage as those who smoke regular ones.

Yes, its true. Many believe that if they smoke low tar cigarettes, the lungs will have less damage overtime. Sadly, this study say otherwise.

Low tar cigarettes are harmful

low tar cigarette

Medical University of South Carolina found out in a study that menthol cigarettes and low tar cigarettes have equal effect on your lungs. On the other hand, unfiltered ones pose double threat to lungs.

According to the head doctor, ‘There was no difference in lung cancer incidence, lung cancer or all-cause mortality between regular cigarette smokers and light or ultralight smokers’.

But, people who smoke low tar, ultralight cigarettes are less likely to quit smoking because they think that its not harming their lungs at all. Doctor said that there was no difference in any of the outcomes when comparing smokers of mentholated versus unflavored cigarettes.

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Menthol cigarettes and cancer

low tar cigarette

The study focused on assessing the health records of people who participated in the National Lung Screening Trial in the US. The outcome of this study showed that low tar cigarette and menthol cigarette smokers had 40 % more chances of developing cancer.

‘The study says,’ They’re 30 per cent more likely to die of any cause, and are more heavily nicotine dependent, when compared with filtered cigarette smokers.’

The findings was presented to an American Thoracic Society meeting in Dallas. The facts that were discussed amply supported findings of the study.  It said, ‘Since the 1950s, there have been several alterations to cigarettes, including the addition of filters and menthol and lowering tar levels, in response to public concern about health risks. Despite these changes, smoking remains associated with 90 per cent of lung cancer, the leading cause of cancer related mortality.’

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Menthol cigarettes are harmful too

low tar cigarette

This recent study shed light on the hidden misconceptions of smokers because clearly people think that low tar and menthol cigarettes aren’t harmful.

The doctor explained, ‘All types of cigarettes confer serious health risk. In a screened population, those who smoked unfiltered cigarettes incurred the highest rates of lung cancer and death. While popular belief may be that a switch to light or ultralight cigarettes is a safer option, this study demonstrates there is no difference in clinical outcomes with regular smokers.

Its time to share these facts and incorporate it into the smoking cessation efforts, especially within the context of lung cancer screening. Don’t smoke low tar and menthol cigarettes. under the impression that they aren’t harmful. Because they are!!

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