Meta Announces a New WhatsApp App for Windows

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta has just announced a new release of the WhatsApp app for windows users. This new app will bring a lot of intriguing features which will improve its overall functionality and offer an innovative look with a new user interface. While introducing the new app, Zuckerberg mentioned that the new WhatsApp for windows users will have a lot of previously missing features that were in demand among other platform users.

Meta Announces a New WhatsApp App for Windows

New WhatsApp App for Windows Users

WhatsApp has been there on Windows for a while. However, it was the legacy version and based on the older Windows platform. At the same time, the new UWP version of WhatsApp has been in testing for a long time now and it was available to beta testers for quite some time. The older version used the WhatsApp Web-like interface instead of matching the design and theme of the native Windows app. The updated WhatsApp app has changed things both in terms of appearance and functionality.

Everything About New WhatsApp App for Windows

The new WhatsApp app for windows has been rolled out on Microsoft Store. Users can simply search for the app and click on the icon to get it. But before tapping to download you should check that the app is from WhatsApp Inc.

Changes Made

Here are the changes made or new features added to the new WhatsApp app:

  • It reloads faster than the previous version.
  • Users can add up to 32 participants in video calls.
  • Linking multiple devices across the platform is becoming faster as the syncing process has become smoother.
  • The user interface has become more fascinating as the theme matches Windows 11’s fluid design.
  • Along with the new UI, the app has got rounded corners, new menu layouts, buttons, etc.

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What New WhatsApp App is Missing?

While the new version of WhatsApp on Windows adds features some have gone missing as well. For instance, the new version does not have the dedicated Communities button Similarly, it misses out on the ability to create new Stickers that the older version offered.

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