All the Methods to Withdraw Cash From ATM Without Debit Card

India has recently released a UPI-based cash withdrawal system. This progress was made after the Reserve Bank of India announced the same in its latest monetary policy meeting. This initiative was taken to eradicate the problem of carrying a physical debit card for the public. Other than UPI, there are various different methods you can use to withdraw cash from ATMs without a debit card.

All the Methods to Withdraw Cash From ATM Without Debit Card

Here’s the Different Methods to Withdraw Cash From ATM Without Debit Card:

UPI Method

Using UPI for ATM withdrawals is like a modern twist on the old debit card routine. To give it a try, all you need is a smartphone with a UPI app and a registered UPI ID. Here’s how you can smoothly get cash from a UPI ATM: select ‘UPI Cash Withdrawal’ on the ATM screen, specify how much cash you want, scan the ATM’s QR code with your UPI app, and wrap it up by entering your UPI PIN.

Once you tap ‘UPI Cash Withdrawal,’ the ATM conjures up a special QR code. When your UPI app reads it, it not only confirms your identity but also triggers the ATM to dispense your requested cash. The perks of UPI-ATM? No need for a physical card, top-notch security, and a simpler way to handle your money matters.

Via Mobile Banking App

You can easily get cash from an ATM without your debit card by using your mobile banking app. Here’s how:

  • Make sure your bank account is connected to the app.
  • Generate a one-time code in the app and specify the amount you want to withdraw.
  • Go to a compatible ATM and enter the code.
  • This simple process not only offers convenience but also keeps your transactions secure through app authentication.

With Biometric

Another way to withdraw cash without a card from an Aadhar-enabled ATM is by using your biometrics. First, make sure your Aadhar number is linked to your bank account. Then, find an ATM that supports the Aadhaar Enabled Payment System (AEPS).

At the ATM, either enter your Aadhar number or provide your bank account details. Next, choose your transaction type and use your fingerprint or iris scan for biometric authentication. Once your identity is verified, specify the amount you want to withdraw, and the ATM will give you the cash. The ATM checks your identity against Aadhar records and deducts the withdrawal amount from your linked bank account.

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To use this method, follow these steps:

  • Ensure your mobile number is linked to your bank account for verification.
  • Set up a secure PIN for SMS cash withdrawal using your bank’s mobile app or by visiting a branch.
  • Compose a text message with the withdrawal details (amount and recipient’s mobile number) and send it to your bank’s designated SMS cash withdrawal number.
  • You’ll receive an SMS with a unique one-time code.
  • Visit the nearest bank ATM and enter the code along with your mobile number to complete the cash withdrawal.

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