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Are All IPL Matches Fixed? But Most Importantly, Was Yesterday’s MI vs CSK One Of Them?

Yes, everyone is still in shock that CSK lost yesterday.

But what’s raised suspicion was the way Dhoni got run out (which looked like he clealry wasn’t) followed by Shardul Thakur LBW’d by Maligna. It looked like players were desperately missing catches and umpires were giving wrong decisions.

I mean, what were the odds of Dhoni’s run out? Commentators and fans alike raised eyebrows on the decision. It looked like the bat was touching the crease from one angle but immediately, Dhoni was declared run out without further thought process put into the decision.

So, are IPL matches fixed?

dhoni out csk vs mi ipl

Honestly speaking, the cleanliness of IPL tournament solely rests upon BCCI to administer, which itself is in a bad shape with its thinning world clout and muddied image domestically with big shots having to intervene in its opaque affairs.

IPL is a game of immense money and unseen hands. The one bidder who makes a tall bid, in the beginning, gets ensured the title. Fair Play Awards distributed in IPL are in itself ironical. So, the match being fixed cannot be something unreal.

After all, everyone knows who owns which team. And the team owners itself own massive amounts of money, so one trophy isn’t going to add too much their shopping list. Or at least that’s the case if rumors are to be believed. (wink)
csk vs mi

Nevertheless, there was so much drama in yesterday’s match. And today the same continuous on twitter and other social media platforms.

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Twitter on yesterday’s IPl finale

Every Ball, Every Shot, Every Wicket, and Every Umpire’s Decision was fixed. Yesterday’s MI vs CSK was a whole big planned thriller which ultimately had to be won by Mumbai Indians(according to twitter). The very natural thing to draw out of IPL’s finale was that it had to be fixed.

Twitter flooded with comments that sarcastically and somewhat straightforwardly claimed that the match was fixed all along. Check out the best tweets that will support your doubts to the core, because maybe it was the truth. Be the judge-

1. True that

2. The truth behind Dhoni declared out

3. And that’s that

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4. Some think that there was drug involved

5.  Well said

6. Fix, fix, fix

7. He wants an investigation!

8. Good script, IPL!

9. He has a theory for MI vs CSK finale

10. There had to be a Drake meme

What do you think? Was MI vs CSK match fixed or was it not?

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