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Michael Jackson Rumors-Busting 5 Most Controversial Ones

MJ- The Kind of Pop. Some call him the greatest entertainer of all time. He might not have lived a very long life, but he will never be forgotten.

Michael Jackson was born into a big family who lived in a small house. But this didn’t affect his career. By the time he was 10, he already became a pop sensation, and everyone started knowing him as part of Jackson 5.

But as time passed, his skin became white. And because he was at the top, media and haters got the chance to start rumors about the King of Pop. Today, we bust 5 Michael Jackson rumors, that you all believe to be true.

1. Skin Bleaching Surgery

Michael Jackson Rumors

The early 1990s were considered as the best and worst time for this pop sensation. With the release of his latest single of that time, ‘Black or White’, many people started to question that if it “doesn’t matter if you’re black or white”, why did he turn himself white? Did he undergo bleaching skin surgery? Was he ashamed of his blackness?

In reality, it was just a rumor and he was suffering from a vitiligo disease.

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2. Plastic surgery freak

Michael Jackson Rumors

This one is the most widely spread rumor, that makes many of us believe MJ was addicted to plastic surgery. In reality, it was the cosmetic surgeries that he went through, that gave him the title of a ‘plastic surgery freak’. But that’s just another widely spread Michael Jackson rumors.

He just had his nose fixed, after an accident. Apart from that, he had two cosmetic surgeries. One to lift up his chin and other to place a dimple on his right cheek. That’s all.

3. Child Molester

Michael Jackson Rumors

This rumor started in 1993 when Michael was accused of sex abuse with 13-year-old Jordan Chandler. Though the court didn’t find any solid proof and the case was settled out of the court by the Sony (MJ’s record company). Later in 2003, in child abuse allegation, Jackson was examined by mental health professional Dr. Stan Katz.

The results came in MJ’s favor, telling everyone that he wasn’t a pedophile. Though, his mental state was that of a 10-years old kid, which is why he acted weird sometimes.

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4. He was ashamed of being black

Michael Jackson Rumors

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In the 1990s, when the rumor of him having his skin bleached to look white was all around, there was another rumor spreading slowly. And that made everyone believe that Michael feels ashamed of being black. This was one of those hush-hush Michael Jackson rumors.

In reality, he was proud of his skin and that’s why he made the song Black or White. Now you know.

5. Drugs caused his death

Michael Jackson Rumors

Death of Michael Jackson is still a mystery with many believing drug overdose was the reason. Even Wikipedia page along with many other websites believe the same. Though, only a few real fans know that Michael was suffering from long-term insomnia and the pressure of rumors that surrounded him actually caused his death.

So, if you think Michael Jackson was a junkie, and his drug use has caused his death, then you know, it was all just a rumor.

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In Conclusion:

Sadly, the legend passed away before half of his fans got to see him performing live. But, there is nothing wrong in saying that his popularity grew even bigger after his deaths. Now you know, he never did anything that should make him or his fans feel disgraced.

And there is no doubt he is still the legend and legends never die!!!

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