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MIG 21 Indian Fighter Jet Crashes. Has Pakistan To Do Something With This?

After celebrating the glorious air strike of IAF, sadly, Mig 21 fighter Indian Aircraft crashed near Budgam.

According to the reports, Indian Fighter jet Mig 21 has crashed after taking flight from Srinagar Airport. There is no proper information from the side of IAF but the reason for the crash is considered to be some technical fault.

What happened and where?


Srinagar airport is one of the most prominent airbases of the Indian Air Force as Air Force planes and civilian aircraft usually took flight from the same runway. Unfortunately, this time the IAF plane crashed and both pilots were martyred.

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After the crash, airport authorities have banned any other civilian aircraft from entering or taking off from the airport. Knowing the fact that Pakistan might take advantage and retaliate, authorities are on high alert. As of now, only IAF is permitted to use the airport.

The crash took place near the Budgam in an open field. For now, the reason is considered to be a technical fault. However, soon a committee will be set to investigate the real reason behind it.

The video of plane crash

The plane took a flight to do its regular patrol near the LOC, which has become their regular routine after Pulwama attack. Unfortunately, the plane crashed soon after taking flight.

Check the crash video here:

Meanwhile, PAK tried to retaliate

Another news surfaced which claimed that PAK air force tried to barge in an attack near the line of control, however, they failed miserably. 3 Pakistani Fighter planes violated the law Indian air space and entered the border area in J-K’s, Rajouri district.

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Thanks to AIF, and the team which was already air bourne. They succeeded in shooing off the PAK air force without any hiccups. The fighter planes of Pakistan turned around with the same speed it approached, proving that they don’t have the balls to face the mighty Indian forces. One of the PAK F-16 is also been shot down by the IAF, the pilot appeared to be ejecting.

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In Conclusion:

Is this the start of the war? We surely didn’t expect Pakistan to retaliate that soon, but now that they have, it marks the beginning of a state of war. Though PAK forces don’t seem to have the strength to stand against Indian forces, we should still be prepared for the worst.

After all, PAK and the terrorism it has been cradling since ages are known for hidden attacks. And its better be cautious than sorry.

But whatever it is, esme uska ghata, humara kuch ni jata!

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