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Rahul Gandhi Promises Minimum Income Guarantee: See How Everyone Is Reacting To It

Indian General elections are about to start. Every political party is desperately making their last attempts to attract voters. Big fishes in the sea, like BJP and Congress candidates, are putting out their cards to gain votes of common people.

On Monday, Rahul Gandhi (president of Congress party) made a promise of minimum income guarantee for every poor person if Congress is voted to power.

But why no one is taking Rahul Gandhi seriously? Even on twitter, there are tons of memes showing the opinion of Indian citizens and what they are thinking about Congress party head and his promise (which is probably another fake one).

What did he promise?

Minimum Income Guarantee

Emphasizing his plan towards the future of our country, Rahul Gandhi stated, “We cannot build a new India while millions of our brothers and sisters suffer the scourge of poverty. If voted to power in 2019, Congress is committed to a minimum income guarantee for every poor person, to help eradicate poverty and hunger. This is our vision and our promise.”

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Every year political parties have made such promises, which are basically shrewd tools to lure voters. As we all know in the end, their promises either end up in a big government scandal or as an underdelivered statement. If you want real numbers, then according to Rahul’s promise, 20% of poorest families will get Rs. 72,000 per year.

So, how will they deliver it?

As expected, party members still haven’t explained how Congress is going to deliver what Rahul boasted to attract votes. Though, they have said that their manifesto will include all the details on how their party is planning to fulfill minimum income guaranteed scheme.

Till now, we only know that it’s not going to be a Universal Basic Income. The government will have to do an analysis and classify poor from the rich. As this minimum guaranteed income scheme is only beneficial for poor families (if it comes true).

Current finance minister Arun Jately replied to Rahul’s statement by calling it a bluff. ” If the Congress Party’s announcement is tested on simple arithmetic. Rs.72,000 for five crore families works out to be 3.6 lakh crore, which is less than 2/3rd of what is given by the current government. A bluff announcement,” he said.

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Trending memes on twitter

Like always, the internet started to react on Rahul’s statement in its own way. Which is hilarious but true at the same time. Here are some of the best Rahul Gandhi memes trending under hashtag #MinimumIncomeGuarantee.

In Conclusion:

It is hard to say whether it is another false promise to attract votes or Congress actually planning to support our country. (for once) Looking back at the previous years when Congress was in power, nothing convincing happened.

Which is why everyone (including the internet) is so sure that this just another fake promise by Congress.Do you agree?

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