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Mission Shakti Success: That’s What Foreign Media Thinks About It

On Wednesday, 27 March, PM Modi made a huge announcement. It sent shock waves around the entire world and also made Indians proud. The hype was created as India had managed to take down a low-orbit satellite using an A-SAT (anti-satellite technology).

It was all done under Mission Shakti space mission. And the international media seems to be just as excited as Indian media about this news.

With this, India has become the fourth country along with US, Russia, and China to acquire this insane space weapon. But the timing of carrying out this mission has raised some eyebrows. As not just Indian media, but the international publications are also calling it a desperate move from Modi.

What NYT think about Mission Shakti?

Mission Shakti Success:

In a New York Times article, titled as ‘India Shot Down a Satellite’ Modi Says, Shifting Balance of Power in Asia, and talking about things that might happen in the future because of India’s new achievements. Media site stated that if Indian claims stand true, it can disrupt the balance of Power in India and Pakistan.

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But, if you think it’s only about these two rival nations then you are completely wrong. Everyone knows about the not so good India-China relations. A few days back there was a news in Indian media, stating that the Chinese government destroyed thousands of globe model that shows Arunachal Pradesh as a part of India nation.

And now with India moving into space weaponry, India-China rivalry will now shift to the stars and space as well.

What BBC thinks about Mission Shakti?

Mission Shakti Success:

Rasing question for Indian politicians, BBC in its article stated that PM Modi’s announcement has made India proud but has also raised ethical questions. India is preparing for its 17th Lok Sabha elections and with less than two weeks for the election to commence, Mission Shakti seems like Modi’s strategy to gain more points before the election.

Not just this, but PM Modi is also taking the credit for achievements of India’s space agency. Also, it was not expected by the citizens of India. BBC is calling Modi’s announcement “significant but a bit of an anti-climax to the country’s media.”

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In Conclusion:

It is hard to judge whether Modi did all this for the country or for his own benefit. Currently, International media is raising all sort of questions that might make you have a second thought. As all the raised questions seem really convincing. We might find out about this later.

But one thing is sure, with the success of Mission Shakti, India has once again shown the world that they are not less than anyone.
Jai Hind!

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