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15 Ridiculous Things Women Do In The Name Of Women Empowerment

What Is Women Empowerment?

Women empowerment means letting her live her life the way she wants to.

There is no recorded history but, if we talk about India, the term has been widely acknowledged for a past couple of decades.  It has become a significant factor in the country’s economy and development.

Despite that a lot of women in India are still in a sorry stage, for they are still practically living in the 18th century India, shackled by stereotypical and outdated traditions.

But what of those who are getting opportunities to be equivalent to men (sometimes more than them), to be able to voice their opinion, to be able to run the lives of other family members, to be the decision maker and to be truly empowered in every sense.

Let’s discuss the ridiculous things women sometimes do in the name of women empowerment:

1. Crying out for the society being judgmental and ironically judging all men on a fixed scale

Being judgmental towards anyone is considered a taboo nowadays. Everyone has a right to do or look like they want to. Even Men.

2. After behaving like an ideal feminist, playing the women card when it doesn’t suit the purpose

On the one hand, you talk about women empowerment and on the other hand, you want women to be treated specially. Why? Empowerment does not mean disempowering the opposite sex, it means equality.

3. Judging other women for not being a so-called “empowered woman”

In the name of Women-Empowerment, we begin judging and advising other women for doing something we don’t like or considered feminist. If a woman wants to or doesn’t want to work, how is it your concern?

4. Thinking they are above the law and twisting it to suit their purpose

People can be downright evil sometimes, even women. Using the law to grind their own axe has become easy to do with stricter laws in place against men.

Twisting the law 1: Using law against rape to set (someone they don’t like) up:

I know you would gasp at this, but there are actual incidents supporting this point.

Twisting the law 2: Using dowry laws to harass the husband and his family

These women make full use of law being on their side to serve their own ends.

Criminal conduct is not a solicited property of male gender only.

5. Open male bashing on social media in the name of feminism

They are more like Feminazi, they believe in the single concept of all men are dogs and rapists. Bringing everyone inside the shaming circle isn’t women empowerment but a poisonously biased approach.

6. Doubting your own relationship After hearing about someone else’s

Even the smartest of women more than often, start doubting their own relationship, if they see some else being cheated or treated unfairly.

7. Donning a wrong attire at a wrong place

Dressing up is an art. It is what gives you personality. India is not America, it is a country of diversity and festivals and ridiculously expensive marriages. In the name of ajkal sab chalta hai lots of women or girls, wear misfit attires to the traditional functions and feel proud to look different.

A western dress may or may not empower you, but an open outlook towards your own culture will. Besides Saris look a helluva lot sexier than a plain Jane dress.

8. Blaming the boss for favoritism

Well, sometimes it might be true, but sometimes, just because you think, and you could, you end up blaming your male boss for not treating you equally. Think again, this might be because of a genuinely good performance shown by your male teammate and has nothing to do with your being a female.

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9. Two-timing guys just because you think you are free to do whatever you want

Freedom doesn’t mean betraying people who love you. “When you betray somebody else, you also betray yourself”. And if you get caught, you might lose someone who truly cared for you.

10. Befriending strangers on social platforms

You think you know them, you think it’s your right to be friends with whomever you like, but the truth is some strangers are dangerous. This might come back to bite you in the ass babe.

11. Getting drunk in the middle of the night with no safety net

The society was so busy empowering their daughters, they totally forgot to keep a tab on their sons. So, now there is an imbalance of thinking. Women think they can go out in the middle of the night and do whatever they want, but most men are still not on the same page with them.

12. Behaving like they own the road while driving and taking advantage of being a women driver

The traffic rules aren’t meant only for men. Hurried over-taking, biased fighting for the parking spot, fighting like a manic in the middle of the road, getting offended quickly and overtaking the queues on the petrol pumps can be seen being done by these self-declared empowered women. 

13. Passing sexist remarks to men, despite wanting to be treated equally

Expecting men to not talk against women or feminism while all along passing sexist remarks like calling them dogmatic or chauvinist, falls under a double standard.

14. Demanding respect, but not paying any respect to the opposite gender

All the hues and cries for the much-demanded respect for female gender, yet not treating men in the same light is heights of hypocrisy.

15. Confusing feminism with fashion and clothes

Wearing skimpy clothes or showing off a bra strap is not equivalent to women empowerment. Women will be truly empowered when we teach our sons that it is no big deal if a girl is dressed like this and how they should believe in inner qualities rather than outer appearance.

In Conclusion:

The day we stop talking about women empowerment is the day the real women empowerment will begin.

We are not saying that you must not boast about women empowerment. After a long, long time of being chained and bound by traditions, women of this country are finally rising to their potential.

There are things women can do the men can’t and vice -versa. Let’s embrace the positive shaping up of the society and work toward the betterment of both genders.

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