Miyazaki Mangoes, World's Expensive Sold For ₹2.7 Lakh Per KG
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Miyazaki Mangoes, World’s Expensive Sold For ₹2.7 Lakh Per KG

Did you know that India is the largest mango producer in the world responsible for producing 20 million tonnes of mangoes annually? Well, for an Indian this news should not be so surprising as we are passionate mango lovers. From Alphonso to Langda or Dasheri to Chausa, we love to consume it all. Just like the king of the jungle, mango is the ‘king of fruits’ and is consumed in various ways like shakes, as a dessert or even as a main course. But in terms of uniqueness, there is a variety which is known to be the world’s most expensive Mangoes and it is not from India. Named as Miyazaki Mangoes for being cultivated in the Miyazaki City of Japan, they are sold between ₹2.7-3 Lakh per Kg.

Miyazaki Mangoes

Miyazaki Mangoes, World’s Most Expensive Mango Variety

Miyazaki Mangoes are marketed by the name ‘Taiyo-no-Tamago’ or ‘Eggs of Sunshine’. These mangoes change colour from flame red to purple when ripped fully and at first, they will look like the dinosaur egg.

Why Are Miyazaki Mangoes So Expensive?

Contents or specifications of any fruit are responsible for whether it will fall under the premium quality or not. In mangoes, their weight, sugar content, shape, size, and colour define their price range. So, Miyazaki Mangoes fall under the most premium quality having at least 350g of weight with 15 per cent or more sugar content. It’s the fruit that represents luxury in Japan, which is suited best as an expensive gift.

Factors Responsible For The Cultivation Of Best Quality Mangoes

Best quality mangoes are only cultivated under bright sunshine, warm weather and requires an adequate amount of rainfall. As per reports, in Japan’s Miyazaki, the cultivation of mangoes started in 1984. The most important thing to note is that the juiciest batch of mangoes are cultivated between April to August and are sold from May to June.

Pricing Of Miyazaki Mangoes

This variety of Mangoes is said to be the most premium of all and is labelled as a luxury gift in Japan. The price of Miyazaki Mangoes can range between ₹8,600 to ₹3 lakh depending on their quality and quantity.

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Finding Miyazaki Fruit?

They are mostly grown in Japan and are also being cultivated in Thailand, Philippines and India because of the favourable weather conditions. In India, according to the reports of HT, a couple of Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh are growing the premium variety of Miyazaki. Because of their high value, they even hired four guards and six dogs to protect the mangoes.

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