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10 Times When Modi Govt Failed And Made Our Lives Extremely Tough

The phrase –‘Acchey din aane wale hai’ –still echoes in our ears, right from the time when BJP started out its first wave of campaigns for PM Narendra Modi.

Although, the fact that the Modi government failed to meet the expectations set by the PM himself-is not hidden anymore.

Here are 10 problems, that shows that our PM failed to keep up with his promises and that ‘Acchey din’ is just an illusion.

1. Gas prices are on an ever-rise!

Believe it or not- the prices of gas are still on an ever increasing slope with no concession to the general public. Gas, being one of the crucial needs, was supposed to be brought down in terms of its price. But the reality is far from this.

2. One Crore employment opportunities per year?  Still waiting…..!

If we go by the words of Mr. Modi, he was confident enough to promise one crore employment options per year for the 1.25 billion strong population of India. Sadly, just 6.41 lakh new jobs were created (for the year 2014-2016) in comparison to 12.8 lakh jobs (2011-2013). See the difference?

3. Petrol-diesel prices on historical highs!

The basic necessity of petrol and diesel seems to be forgotten by the Modi govt. The price hikes have touched new horizons and even the excise duty has increased in the last 3 years. And here we are still waiting for some miracle.

Petrol– 84.07/Liter (Mumbai)

Diesel– 71.94/Liter (Mumbai)

4. Reforms of GST and land bill – a new money extracting scheme?

Modi government introduced the proposition of land leasing and renting to attract GST. But, they were unable to push these critical reforms into actions. After all, it just another way to extract money in the name of tax.

5. Swacch Bharat Abhiyan- Yet another hype!

The all hyped about Swacch Bharat scheme launched by the Modi govt too failed to reach the numbers as promised. To top it off, according to the NSSO survey- 6 out of 10 toilets built under this scheme did not have a water supply.

6. Demonetization? Black money and corruption stay where it was!

Apparently, the only people to get affected by the demonetization-were the common people. The widespread corruption and black money easily managed to sink its roots back into the economy.

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7. Scammers’ getting support from Modi govt? What about the rest of us..

Nirav Modi and Vijay Mallya topped the charts when it came to pulling off grand scams. A whooping scam of $1.77 billion by Nirav Modi and $1.4 billion by Vijay Mallya went out to be successful, just because they had the support of Modi govt? Now, what do have to say about that..

8. New investment & growth are at all-time lows!

Yet another fail of Modi govt can be seen in the banking sector. The new investment is at the lowest tracked in past 13 years. According to RBI, the bank credit growth has declined to a 63-year low and the loan growth has fallen to 5.1%. Where are we heading exactly?

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9. Agriculture sector- Nothing profitable happened so far!

Right from decreasing the agricultural exports – to increase in the imports by 60 %, there has been absolutely no help done by the Modi sarkar in terms of agricultural growth.  The farmers still struggling and committing suicides to meet basic needs and with exports now decreasing – god knows where will they head next?

10. Foreign tours, TV shows, online apps- was that all?

It won’t be wrong to say that last 4 years were all about those foreign tours and the fancy TV and radio interviews. Some might say that our PM spent more time on foreign soil in comparison to India. Does these tours and lectures have any part in taking India forward?

With the election around the corner, Modi govt is all set to campaign for BJP and we sure hope to see some out-of-the-box publicity. After all, BJP has been all about the SHOW-haven’t they? Let’s wait and see what they present us with, this year!
Do you feel otherwise about our current government. Do let us know in comments!


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