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Winter Is Still Here, Delhiites Brace Yourselves For More Hailstorms and Rain This Week

If you thought that last weeks hailstorm and rain showed you the end of winters, you are wrong.

The temperature might have grown a few degrees since the rainfall but the Met department has predicted that there will be more hailstorm and rain this week.

What should you expect?

More Hailstorms and Rain This Week

The weather forecast states that this week, particularly on 14th Feb (Valentine’s day) there are chances of more hailstorms and rain to hit the Delhi NCR region as it did last week.

Though it will reach its peak til Friday, the temperature is most likely to drop a few degrees all over the north Indian region.

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The statement of Met officials

More Hailstorms and Rain This Week

B. P. Yadav, who is the head of IMD’s regional meteorological center gave a statement about the upcoming weather conditions.

He said, ‘But the intensity and spread of the spell is expected to be less than the storms seen last week, which were unusually heavy and well distributed. While some areas, including Delhi NCR, could get hailstorms, most places may just receive light rain.’

What’s causing the unusual hailstorms and rain?

There is no doubt that Delhi -NCR witnessed such weather after decades, but the main reason behind this bizarre weather was the clash of winds coming from opposite directions and the jet stream winds from the upper northern region.

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More Hailstorms and Rain This Week

This clash eventually led to the clouds formation that brought snow from the higher parts of Himalayas all the way down to the western Uttar Pradesh region.

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The destruction caused by hailstorms last week

Though it destroyed several crops in various districts of Haryana. The crops to be mainly affected were bajra and mustard. Thankfully, this week the cloud and hailstorms will not be affected by such harsh companions. Which is why the damage most likely to occur will be minimal.

What should you do to prepare in advance?

More Hailstorms and Rain This Week

You can plan ahead and not get caught in traffic this week because you know that the weather will be unforgiving. Try to stay indoors and cover your self adequately if you really have to step out of the house.

Make sure you keep your body and head covered. If you don’t keep yourself warm during the sudden temperature drops, you are most likely to fall sick.

In Conclusion:

It’ supposed to be the valentine’s week where everyone wants to go out and spend time with their loved ones. However, this time it seems that most couples are going to celebrate it at their homes watching Netflix.

Let’s wait and see how this Valentine turns out to be for people in and around the capital! 

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