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These Are The Best Mosquito Repellent Alternative That You Should Consider

No matter when you go, they’ll come to you, to suck your blood and give you those rashes. Not just this but they’ll also make you ill. Wondering who are they? They are Mosquitos, the only insect that almost everyone hates and no matter where you go you can’t hide from them.

Those bloodthirsty insects are there to make summer night feel even longer. Although we there are a number of electric mosquito repellent devices are available in the market but let’s be real, they aren’t really effective.

mosquito repellent

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Other than those electronic mosquito repellent devices, there are various skin creams are also available in the market. But no one wants to apply them on their skin because of the added chemical in them.

So what one can do to avoid biting from mosquitos. Here are the two best options that are safe and highly effective.

Lemon eucalyptus oil

mosquito repellent

Biology professor at New Mexico State University, Dr Immo Hansen concluded that the refined lemon eucalyptus is filled with a substance called PMD. You’ll be glad to know that PMD is a natural substance that reples mosquitos.
So in case you don’t want to use those Odomaos cream, you can use this natural oil to keep mosquitos away from yourself. The only catch is that you can’t use it on a kid below three.


mosquito repellent

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Before I tell you anything, first let me just tell you that permethrin is a pesticide that is used to repel insects and is similar to the flowering chrysanthemum plant. But don’t worry you don’t have to put it on your skin, according to Neeta Connally, an entomologist at Western Connecticut State University, spraying permethrin on your clothes can help to repel flies and mosquitos.

In Conclusion:

I know they didn’t let you sleep last night but now you don’t have to scared of anything. Throw all those electric devices, spray and Odomos into the dustbin because you know what works better.

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