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Mosquito Repellents – What The Makers Pretend Works Vs What Really Works

It is the season of the rain and with monsoon comes a pesky little bloodsucker, who not only irritates your skin but gives you hundreds of diseases every year. We are plagued by these monsters wherever we go, whether it’s in the house or out on the lawn.

They seem to soak in the smell of human odor and seek the most delicious treats out even from afar.

You adopt different ways to eradicate them or save yourself from them, but these tiny predators aren’t that easy to get rid of, as they multiply by hundreds in a minute.

We have brought you an extensive guide on which mosquito repellents really work or which the makers pretend work (but they don’t even harm a hair on a mosquito’s head)

What doesn’t work?

1. Ultrasonic Devices

These damn things cost you a good amount, but they don’t work at all. The frequency sound is expected to drive them away might work on pests like crickets, but our house mosquitoes remain oblivious to its presence.

2. Wristbands

Again, costs a hell of a money and once you tie them to your little kid’s wrist, you find yourself free of tension, but DO NOT. They don’t work, except on the only part where its tied, leaving the rest of the body an open invitation to mosquitoes.

3. Essential Oils

Some people boast about essential oils being a natural home remedy for getting rid of mosquitoes, but it does not work either. There are no proven theories or studies that support this belief.

4. Insect Zappers

Again, they do not work on mosquitoes as they do on moths and other insects. On the contrary, they might invite more for the party in the house.

5. Eating Garlic

Where did that even come from? They are not vampires. They are not bothered by your breath smelling garlicky. Stop torturing yourself and getting a sting every time, you pop a clove of garlic.

6. Smartphone Apps

A great way to sell you app BTW. However, you would be a fool to think they work even an ounce. It is believed that dragonflies are natural mosquito predators, and these machines emit sounds of dragonflies, but there is no evidence it works on scaring mosquitoes off.

Test it yourself, sit near a pond full of dragonflies and see if mosquitoes bite you or not.

7. Citronella Oil/Candles

Like essential oils, this has no supported theory to really work on ridding of mosquitoes. It might work to a certain extent but certainly doesn’t kill the mosquitoes. Moreover, it might cause skin allergies to some of you.

8. All-Natural Mosquito Repellent you can eat

Yes, there is even a homeopathic pill that talks about repelling the mosquitoes within 2-3 hours of consumption. But there is no evidence found on whether it really works.

What Really Works

1. Covering yourself up

Best way to stay off the buffet list – cover yourself up and be bite-free. Tried and tested way of keeping yourself safe from the mini-monsters.

2. Getting rid of stored water

Where ever there is water storage around your house, make sure it is cleaned and medicines used to disinfect it. That’s the only way to stop the mosquitoes from breeding.

3. Products containing Deet, Picaridin or Lemon Eucalyptus Oil

Work as the best mosquito repellent so far. Tried and tested. The creams and sprays containing a certain percent of the above-mentioned chemicals is the best solution to ward off these insects. Picaridin is a great natural mosquito repellent.

4. Mosquito Traps

Mosquitoes are attracted to the Co2 human body emits and based on that theory this trap was designed. A combination of Co2 and bait, it attracts the mosquitoes and traps them, reducing the population of mosquitoes in the house.

5. Liquid burning through machines

Mosquitoes have become immune to such liquids and don’t completely vanish even if it is on all night long, but they work to keep them from biting too much. Mosquito coils work fine, but they could be hazardous to the health of humans as well if used for long.

6. Fabric Roll-ons

With natural ingredients, these newly arrived products can be used by rolling them on the fabric. Besides, a very off-putting strong smell of oils, this one seems to have succeeded in warding off mosquitoes. A combination of Citronella oil and eucalyptus oil, this product does work.

Moreover, no skin application needed.

7. Mosquito Nets

mosquito repellent

The oldest, tried , tested and re-tested method of sparing your self the horror of bitten by the little parasites is the good old mosquito net. This one would never fail you, unless of course, there is a gap or hole in the net.


There are hundreds of products in the market and thousands of natural repellents that claim to work on mosquitoes. We have here helped you to refine your search to some extent.

Other than that, the only way to know is to test it yourself and see if the claims prove accurate.

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