15 Most Dangerous Places in India For a Fearful Adventure

Are you an adventurer who loves the feeling of goosebumps again and again? If yes, then you have landed on the right blog. We know how mesmerizing India is, with a diversified range of terrain and natural beauty. Where some places can amaze you, and help you feel refreshed, there are few others to make you shiver from fear. So, without wasting time let’s start discussing about the most haunted, thrilling and dangerous places in India.

Here’re the Most Dangerous Places in India:

1. Dras Town (Jammu and Kashmir)

Dras, Coldest Inhabited Hill Station , Most Dangerous Places in India

Dras, a small town in Jammu and Kashmir, is the second coldest place on Earth. Often referred to as ‘Gateway to Ladakh’, it is situated at an altitude of approx.10,597 feet from the ground level. You will always feel freezing in Dras, as the temperature drops to -45 degree Celsius normally and the lowest temperature to date is recorded as -60 degree Celsius in this region, which makes it one of the most dangerous places in India. At present, Dras is intensely guarded by military personnel.

2. Dumas Beach (Gujarat)

Dumas Beach, Hunted and Dangerous Places in India

Dumas Beach is blessed with the mesmerizing beauty of unique black sand and a wonderful sea. If you are wondering what’s dangerous about this place, then note that this beach was the burial place for the Hindus. As the locals believed, the ashes of the dead bodies had been mixed with the sand, making it pure black. In the daytime, this place is crowded with both domestic and foreign visitors. However, the creepy vibes start at night when no one dares to visit this beach. Even the Government has barred people from visiting this place after sunset. This is the reason why it is one of the most dangerous and haunted places in India.

3. Rohtang Pass (Himachal Pradesh)

Rohtang Pass is called Valley of Death

Rohtang Pass is considered one of the most dangerous routes in India. Built at the height of 13,054 feet from sea level, this pass connects Kullu to Lahaul and Spiti, two beautiful places in India. Also, if you want to travel to Leh, it is the best route to take. Although it is one of the most accessible roads at such height, this pass is very difficult to go through. Narrow roads, unexpected snowfalls, landslides, and blizzards make Rohtang Pass one of the most dangerous places in India. But its surrounding beauty including snow-clad mountain ranges encourages the visitors to come and enjoy the picturesque sights.

4. Gurez Valley (Jammu Kashmir)

Gurez Valley, one of the dangerous places in India

Gurez Valley is located around 130 km away from Srinagar. Considered one of the few places in India having a mesmerizing range of landscapes, mountains, and rivers. As this place sits deep in the Himalayas people are still unaware of this heaven on Earth. But what makes this place dangerous is its closeness to the ‘Line of control’. There are even reports of people being blown off by stepping on stray landmines. With the most satisfying scenic beauty, this place is also prone to avalanches that have killed both civilians and soldiers.

5. Kuldhara (Rajasthan)

Kuldhara, a Ghost Town of India

People say the Kuldhara village is cursed and the story behind ‘Why’ is very creepy. This village was deserted by Paliwal Brahmins, who lived there for generations. Why they left the village is the story to be explained in another article. But they abandon the village in a single night and nobody sees them leave is the creepiest thing of all. Furthermore, the houses look the same as the day they were when Paliwal Brahmins left. It is said that they crushed this place to never be inhabited again. Tourists are only allowed to explore this place during the daytime.

6. Kolli Hill Road (Tamil Nadu)

Kolli Hill Road. one of the dangerous places in India

Kolli Hill Road is on the list of dangerous places in India because as you can see in the image how it has been structured. This mountain route is 46.7 Km long and has 70 steep bends. Riders feel excited and scared at the same time as they drive through this route. Cars appear suddenly at turns and narrow windings. You can understand the feelings with the above image. Undoubtedly, this place is not for weak-hearted people.

7. Thar Desert (Rajasthan)

Thar Desert, One of the Dangerous Places in India

Rajasthan’s famous Thar desert is filled with beauty and life-threatening dangers at the same time. It is one of the most dangerous places in the world as it hosts countless creatures having the capability to kill a human in a few minutes. If you get lost in Thar then you can become the prey of one of the 20 most venomous snakes in the world including Black Cobra, Sand Boa, Saw Scaled Viper, Rat Snake, etc. If snakes do not kill you then the harsh and extremely hot energy-sucking climate of Thar desert will.

8. Bastar (Chhattisgarh)

Bastar, Dangerous Places in India

Bastar is a beautiful town in Chhattisgarh which has the most scenic natural environment. But the reason why it counts as one of the most dangerous places in India is because of humans. It’s a Maoists hotspot, in which there are a lot of guerrilla activities and firefights. The constant fights between Maoists and the Indian Government have resulted in higher death rates and lower footfalls.

9. Bhangarh (Rajasthan)

Bhangarh, Haunted Places in India

Village Bhangarh is situated in Rajasthan having the scariest stories of all time. The haunted tales of Bhangarh Fort have been told to people for generations. The nearby region of the village is almost entirely inhabited which makes even drives can give you cold chills. At night this fort becomes one of the most dangerous places in India, as villagers claim about the paranormal activities happening inside. As per locals many adventurous people had tried to stay inside the first night but never returned.

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10. Chambal Valley (Central India)

Chambal Valley, most dangerous places in India

Next on the list is the Valley of Chambal, a dangerous region which falls in three states Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan. It is a mix of barren, ravaged, and rigid landscapes, along with thriving jungles, in which many dangerous species live. Because of its history, Chambal needs no formal introduction to be called one of the most dangerous places in India. But what makes it so scary is not the natural environment, instead the bandits and outlaws living in the caves and forests of this region scare the civilians to visit.

11. Killar-Kishtwar Road (Jammu and Kashmir)

Killar-Kishtwar Road, one of the deadliest roads in India

We can call Killar Kishtwar Road a path toward realizing how close death is. It is a 114 KM journey of terrifying experience, especially if you travel through it for the first time. Killar Kishtwar Road is NH-26, a single-lane road with no guard trails and a 1,000 ft. deep abyss making it one of the scariest roads in India. While driving, the situation becomes even more tense when a heavy vehicle comes from the front, because only one vehicle can cross at a time.

12. Siju Cave (Meghalaya)

Siju Cave, Dangerous Places in India

Siju Cave or Bat Cave is in Meghalaya. It is said that the cave is unexplored after 7 Km, and 4.4 km is the limit for most people.
After that they just accept defeat. The cave is full of water that can even go over the waist. But why do people visit it? Well, it is a limestone cave that has loads of stalagmites and stalactite formations, a rare phenomenon that takes thousands of years.

13. Khardung La Pass (Ladakh)

Khardung La Pass, Deadly routes

Snow-clad roads with low friction, -40 degree Celsius temperature, avalanches, and a few other reasons make Khardung La Pass one of the most dangerous roads in India. You can feel the power of snowstorms at any time in this region, as they are unpredictable. If you are a first-timer then this place can test both your physical and mental strength.

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14. Pamban Bridge (At the Edge of India, Tamil Nadu)

Pamban Bridge, Railway Sea Water Bridge, Dangerous Routes of India

Pamban Bridge, with no guardrails, is a 2 Km long railway sea bridge connecting Rameshwaram to the Indian mainland. The maintenance of the bridge is a challenging job because of the corrosive marine environment. The trains are limited to running at a speed of 15 km h and instead, they choose to travel at 10 km h because of the raging ocean waves.

15. Roopkund (Uttarakhand)

Roopkund, one of the most dangerous places in India

Popularly known as Mystery Lake, Roopkund is in Uttrakhand. This lake falls in a very difficult trekking route. Trekkers are required to go through very harsh conditions to reach this site. You can find hundreds of human skeletons all over the place, making it one of the most dangerous places in India.

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